What Can You Do To Successfully Backup Your WordPress Website?

WordPress developers regularly face many obstacles during implementing favorable aspects to the website. Let’s put the light on a few examples!

How to Backup Your WordPress Website?

Methods to WordPress Backup:

Have you ever lost your entire WordPress website? Have you experienced website hacking? Your website must be met with a big loss which is caused by installing a faulty plugin, add-on or theme. All the situations must be bothering your mind! You should be scared as the cases are genuine and faced by many webmasters.

Suppose, you have faced any of these issues and don’t know the right ways out for these. It would create a mess in your mind and for your business too. If you want to get rid of these tragedies, you should focus on making things easier by backing up your WordPress website’s data.

Before getting the right to backup your WordPress website, let’s know what are the major reasons that push a web owner to safeguard the website.

  • To reduce the major challenges due to hacking
  • To eliminate the risks involved during plugin, theme or add-on installation
  • To completely secure the website from the future uncertainties

Methods to WordPress Backup:

Backup WordPress site through hosting

Many hosting service providers ensure that they have backup system. At the time you purchased a host for your website, it must have a backup system included with their plan. Chances of by default backup system are higher when it comes to WordPress or other well-managed CMS platforms.

It is the best way to backup WordPress site as your entire data will be completely safe here. Managed hosts work with WordPress on other server levels. Hence, the backup is usually safe and efficient than others. Instead of these powerful hosts, you can also avail services from generic hosts.

Backup WordPress using suitable plugins

You must have heard of a wide gamut of WordPress plugins. The directory also consists of a variety of hosting plugins that are available for free or you need to give a small amount of penny. In the long list of hosting plugins, BackWpup is the most prominent plugin which is being used by many of the website owners to backup their website’s data.

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The advantage of this plugin is to backup your entire database and associated files and store them to the server or in a third-party server/storage location. In this context, you can consider the examples of Amazon and Dropbox.

Take advantages from the third-party off-site solutions

When it comes to relying on any third-party off-site solution, it is VaultPress/Jetpack which can fulfill your data backup requirements. It is a powerful off-site system which ensures that you will be able to restore your database even if it is not accessible.

Above all, it has the notifications and security scanning features that make it worth using as a database storage medium. Apart from this off-site solution, you can also try BackupBuddy. It’s really a good way to go for WordPress backup. The solution is made by iThemes which is known for offering a variety of features to different WordPress aspects.

Backup WordPress Manually

Besides all these technical ways, there is also a scope to backup your WordPress website manually. WordPress contains folders and sub-folders like wp-content and files such as wp-config.php, plugins and themes. All these files & folders need to be secured as these are the foundation of your WordPress website. Let’s see, how can you accomplish this task manually with ease.

Backup via cPanel

This is an easy method to backup the website data. The best part is, it takes less time to get it done. (topic contd.: How to Backup Your WordPress Website?)

Process to accomplish the task:

  • First login to your web host & navigate towards cPanel. Many web owners make their first page (which they initially encounter to login) as the cPanel.
  • Now, go to the File Manager which will further move you to your website’s public_html or Home
  • Here, you will be asked to locate your WordPress directory. This is the final folder you need to backup.
  • It might seem tricky to backup the entire folder as it is. Thus, it would be fine if you first compress it and then download it for further process. You can do it by right-clicking on the chosen folder.
  • This is the time to choose the compressed zip folder and download it to complete the backup process.
  • Save the downloaded file to a secure location like your hard disk or any other reliable storage device.
  • The process is now completed. You can do whatever you want in your website for betterment without any risk of data loss.
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There are many other ways you can adopt to backup your WordPress website.

So, what do think what is the best WordPress backup method to be adopted by the web owners? If you ask us, we would suggest a well-managed backup service. For example, we would go with VaultPress/Jetpack. These methods provide complete safety for data backup. (Topic contd. How to Backup Your WordPress Website?)

Ending Notes:

Start backing up your WordPress website today! It’s the important step which needs to be taken for the betterment for the website. No matter how much data you contain in your files and folders, choosing the suitable and the best backup methodology will help you outstandingly till backup completion. So, choose the suitable one and take a step ahead to keep your website’s data secure.

How to Backup Your WordPress Website?

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