How Movers Can Take Advantage of Blogs for Business?

A ton of companies rely on blogging as a means of expanding their audience reach. After all, everyone loves reading an entertaining and informative article. And in terms of marketing, getting audiences to read your pieces can open potentials not just for leads, but for customers.

How Movers Can Take Advantage of Blogs?

If you own a moving company, a part of you might think you don’t necessarily need blogs. After all, for as long as anyone – be it a family, or a business – needs stuff moved around, you’ll be in business, right? Thing is, you can take advantage of blogs if you want your business to expand and get to more people. How do you do this, though?

Start taking note of metrics, data, and relevant numbers.

When you begin writing blogs to motivate people into looking at your company website and social media platforms, you might want to start taking note of numbers as well. This means going beyond the sales, and taking a look into people that visit your site, and view your content.

These metrics might not mean much at first, but these statistics can help you whether your website content is actually getting views from what places and across what demographics. Not only that, but social media metrics also help you be more aware of what posts get traction, and what other people think of your company thanks to their interactions.

Take note of relevant topics and keywords as per your location and your local SEO.

Before you begin to blog, take note of your location your local SEO as well. It might help to write a whole host of content to attract an international audience, but you might want to start small with room for improvement as you go along.

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Try to review trends and hot topics in your niche, and see how they perform as keywords. There are websites like Google’s keyword analysis tool that can help you out with the technicalities of this search. For instance, if you’re based in New York, making articles that help you prove you’re the best moving company NYC can help attract customers in the long run.

Decide on pieces you can link to your other pieces.

Regardless of whether or not you already have a blog for your moving company, remember to make sure you write blogs that can last for a long time. This means writing content that can benefit your users anytime, anywhere.

Not only does your content need to be “timeless,” but it has to be able to link back (and be linked from) other pieces you have as well. This gives your content a semblance of consistency and interconnectivity. Doing this might be tricky at first, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor later as this makes it much easier for you to connect your campaigns in the long run.

Create pieces that work for different audiences, customers.

When you write content for your moving company, make sure your content fits a wide variety of customers and audiences. Think of customers across different expertise levels – such as those who are just planning their moves, companies that are looking for movers, and those who want to get to learn about moving.

All these audiences need different kinds of content, so make sure you think of content that fit their demographic in a way that lets them have a good takeaway after reading your piece.

Use a tone and a voice consistent with your branding.

While writing your content, don’t forget to make sure you’re writing according to the voice and the image of your brand. Anyone can train to write, and anyone can train to be a copywriter. However, not everyone can get to write in a way that reflects your brand’s image and voice.

This is something you should always take note. Remember, your blog essentially serves as the “voice” of your brand. What you write in your blog reflects what you are as a moving company, so make sure you study your brand’s voice well and make sure this is reflected in both what you write and how you write.

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Share your pieces across your social media platforms and other campaigns.

When you make blogs, don’t forget to share them across your social media pages, and across your other campaigns.  Remember, blogs often work not just because they’re appearing in search engines.

Rather, they also work because they’re seen by other people across different platforms. That way, people who search for long distance movers outside search engines – such as in social media – can still see your content.

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Remember, just because you’re movers doesn’t necessarily mean you should simply focus on the moving aspect of your operations. In fact, your moving company has a lot of room for potential, especially in the realm of digital marketing.

If you’re gearing for an expansion, or if you want your business to reach potential customers from other areas or states, you can start blogging to improve your presence online. With the tips above, you’ll hopefully be able to take advantage of this opportunity to create informative and meaningful content that can motivate your audiences to check your company out in the future.

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Eric Miller
February 19, 2020 6:28 pm

We can truly post blogs on our experiences as every business client comes with new opportunity and poses challenge for us!

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