Electronic Signatures: The Key to Unlocking Digital Workflows?

Today’s world is ruled by digital innovation. Hence, the organizations are searching for different ways through which they can implement the digitized system. In order to thrive in the current modern world, the organizations should work hard to achieve the new innovations.

These new innovations can be achieved in different ways such as reducing costs, increasing productivity, or adopting new technologies etc. Denis Pombriant who is the Principal Analyst at Beagle Research stated in his recent article that disruptive innovations change our lives for the better.

Therefore, almost all of the big organizations have got the potential for improvement so that they can survive in the competitive digital world. In today’s world, the electronic signatures have become a new standard for the companies.

In the start, the electronic signatures were not viewed as an important element and people considered it uncertain but now this form of signature is accepted across the world for signing forms. The whole credit goes to the recent global legislation spanning from the United States to the EU.

What is an e-signature?


If we define it in simple terms then an eSignature is your signature on a digital document. An electronic signature can be in different forms such as it can be in the form of an image of your signature, your name typed out, or a common method in which your name is signed with your mouse or even your finger on the screen of your device.

Most of the people use eSignature for taking the consent on a particular document such as in the healthcare sector, it is used for getting patients consent.

Is Electronic Signature different from digital signature?

The two terms are somehow the same. But you can define digital signature as an additional security layer to an e-signature. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology is used in the digital signature.

This technology guarantees the signer, the document and the signer’s intent. It takes more time to apply the digital signatures. However, both forms (the eSignature and digital Signature) are legally binding.

Importance of eSignature:


On reality basis, the eSignature has become an important standard because the eSignature tools provide the world-class security and compliance. Hence, this makes the eSignature even more secure than the paper-based signature.

Moreover, by using the feature of eSignature you do not need to print or scan the document. Therefore, it also eliminates the need of paper. This method is not only environment-friendly but it also eliminates the time and energy required in the paperwork.

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So, the users can spend the time on more important things rather than taking a print for signing the files manually. This increases the productivity and efficiency of work. 

Why eSignature is not widely used?

Electronic Signatures

According to the research, about 65% of the signatures are still manual or wet and about 51% of the printing cost is just to print a paper for the sign purposes.

If we dig the topic in detail then we can get the answer to the question that why only 15% of the employees have got an access to the eSignature tools. Most of the employees do not have knowledge about eSigning hence they print the documents for taking the signature manually.

The question is that why few workers possess the tools to use eSignature technology. The simple answer to this question is that the traditional eSigning is not free of cost. The eSignature was designed originally for supporting the complex workflows for niche requirements, hence most of the eSignature tools that are available in the market, comes with a price tag.

However, the basic purpose of developing the eSignature and the business needs have been evolved with time. Therefore, along with the shift in the purpose of the technology, the tools have also changed. The tools are not anymore limited to only specialized processes.

Now, almost in every department, the employees are expected to use this technology. So, it is possible for the organizations to achieve the aim of “eSigning for All” as now there are many affordable tools present which have the ability to empower the companies.

PDF eSigning tools:

As we know that PDF is the most widely used file format. Most of the official files are in PDF format. Hence, usually, it is required to sign the PDF files. There are many PDF tools that have the ability to view, edit and convert the PDF files.

Such as the jpg to pdf converter allows the easy generation of PDF files from JPG format. Along with these capabilities, these tools also provide the feature of electronic signature.

You can download different PDF tools for organization-wide signing process. Some of these tools are soda PDF, Nitro PDF, small PDF etc. All of these tools provide the ability to sign the documents in digital form.

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There are some big organizations that are already getting the advantages of digital workflows and eSigning for all. Thus these organizations have become more productive as the sales cycle has been improved and the cost of paper and other elements related to it has also been eliminated. Hence, it results in better customer service. As there are a lot of benefits of digital workflow, hence it has become a gold standard in the modern world.

So, first of all, you must examine your business process; if it contains any paper-based process that hinders the workflows then why not to start using the feature of eSignature? The eSignature will not only benefit your business but it will also help in reducing the stress and frustration of the employees.

Hence, this will also result in happier employees. So, we recommend you to convert your files into PDF format. Such as if the files are in PNG format then you can use PNG to PDF converter for generating a PDF file and then use any good PDF tool that has the feature of eSignature for signing the documents digitally.

Implement eSignature in your business and let us know that how it has benefited you.


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