Drupal vs WordPress Dilemma- Which One to Choose?

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

What are the major objectives of a CMS (Content Management System) in modern business? We can mention Improving online reputation, attracting more customers, and increasing sales as an answer to this question.

Drupal vs WordPress Dilemma : Comparison

Drupal vs. WordPress Dilemma

Both Drupal and WordPress can perfectly fit in the category of robust content management systems that cater to diverse business requirements while serving these objectives effectively.

Both of these platforms are highly popular globally, and it is certainly difficult to select the right one for your enterprise. You can make a list of your long-term and short-term business goals to choose the most suitable CMS for your company.

Both Drupal and WordPress are user-friendly and open-source frameworks for meeting CMS needs, but if you ask about their benefits, you may get confused about which one you should opt for.

Let’s compare both these platforms to get rid of the dilemma- which one should you choose? But before comparing them, let’s go through some of the common factors that make Drupal and WordPress so special as an enterprise-friendly CMS.

WordPress vs Drupal- Similarities

Open-source CMS

Both are open-source CMS solutions that enable users to use all the features and functionality of the platform freely. Both platforms are highly customizable and make web development possible at a reasonable price for the corporate sector. They have rich libraries to meet specific requirements.

Large Community

Though Drupal is older than WordPress, the latter is more popular across the world. This is the reason why around 30% of the global websites are powered by WordPress as compared to just 2% by Drupal.

Both these platforms are used extensively by web developers and therefore, you can have a large community of active developers for every platform. Also, you can easily find a Drupal development company or a WordPress development company to execute a task.

Easy-to-use CMS

Simplicity and ease of use are two common characteristics of Drupal and WordPress. Though WordPress is easier than Drupal, web developers do not find any issues with Drupal web development. Be it developing an eCommerce website or a web portal, both these frameworks remain handy for you and easy for developers.

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These common factors may have increased your confusion. Let’s compare these platforms to make your mind free from the dilemma.

WordPress vs Drupal- Differences

Here are key parameters in which both these platforms differ.


 WordPress does not demand anything! Yes, you can get an up-and-running business website from a WordPress development company at a nominal cost. All you need to pay for hosting, domain registration, plug-ins, and premium themes along with development duration. Also, the development duration is shorter for a WordPress website as compared to Drupal.

Drupal, on the other hand, needs technical expertise and it is more costly than WordPress from the operational cost perspective. A Drupal development company charges more as the development cycle is longer and needs more effort.

You can begin the web development with ease in WordPress, whereas, Drupal web development needs technical expertise.


 Drupal and WordPress are highly secure platforms. But, when it comes to security, Drupal has a slightly upper hand than WordPress. Users also count on Drupal’s inbuilt security feature.

The Drupal development company can extend and customize the corporate website in a more secure way than WordPress CMS. User habits and manual mistakes can be addressed more effectively in the Drupal website. However, many people still consider WordPress more secure.

The biggest weakness of WordPress CMS is its vulnerability due to third-party plugins. Every time, the user uploads the third-party plugin, the vulnerability of the website increases. If the WordPress development company does not focus enough on the website’s security then the corporate website may become more susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Drupal is less dependent on third-party plugins or extensions as compared to WordPress. Therefore, it is not much vulnerable to cyber-attacks or data breaches. What’s more, Drupal does not need any code from risky third-party sources, which makes Drupal web development more secure as compared to WordPress.

In today’s challenging scenario when the incidences of cyber-attacks are on the rise, it is necessary for developers and business owners alike to discuss every security-related aspects of both the CMS before selecting the proper platform.


 Customizability and extensibility are a bit complicated but they are essential factors to consider while selecting the right CMS for your business. Though many people believe that either CMS is equally customizable and extended. But, in reality, things are quite different.

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WordPress has over 5000 free themes and 50000 free plugins. Drupal, on the other hand, offers over 2500 themes and more than 39000 modules. You can make out the difference.

WordPress certainly offers more themes and plugins to start with and the platform has limitless customizability. What makes WordPress a more popular platform is the fact that the user can implement customization at every level.

For Drupal CMS, the Drupal development company needs to customize the majority of the functionality within the selected theme. Though it removes the necessity to invest in third-party plugins, it takes a lot of time. You need the help of certified web developers for customizing or modifying the existing Drupal website.

In a nutshell, if you want to promote your business online with a seamlessly-performing website in a short time and without spending more money, then WordPress should be your choice.

But, if your website deals with sensitive corporate data and the customers need to provide their personal information to access various features on your website, then you should opt for Drupal web development.

Finally, it is advisable to consult a reputed web development company for selecting the right CMS for developing your company’s website.

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