Comparing Avast SecureLine VPN Vs Nord VPN

Within the world of cybersecurity, Avast is a very well known name. Their SecureLine VPN has a reputation for being high quality and effective product. In addition to premium quality, the company is also known for providing a good level of support to its customers. The SecureLine VPN comes with good connection speeds and is priced affordably, especially when bought for the year.

Nord VPN is also well priced and comes with a variety of different security features. Because the company has a large number of servers, the connection speeds that they are able to provide their customers with are really fast. Because of this fact, the VPN is great for sharing files over and for streaming content that is geo-blocked.


With the two products being so different but equally impressive in relation to their respective benefits, the task of trying to decide which one of them is the best is a really difficult task. That is why we have taken a look at both of them and provide some feedback on how the two compare with one another.

Avast VPN VS NordVPN- On the Basis of Speed

Looking at probably the most important thing, connection speed, it is clear to see that one of the VPNs performs better locally, whereas one performs better internationally.

Boasting speeds of up to 66.78 Megabits per second (Mbps), the Nord VPN is most effective when the servers that it connects to are located within the USA. When connected to servers that are located internationally, Avast SecureLine VPN performs better with speeds of up to 59.83 Mbps.

Avast VPN VS NordVPN- On the Basis of Pricing

Although speed is important, it is no good if the fastest VPN is super expensive and out of your budget. Because of that, price is also a really important thing to consider also. Both of these companies offer their customers, subscription-based models, where they can either sign up to their services on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Nord VPN charges their customers $11.95 to use their services on a monthly basis and $83.88 on a yearly basis (equivalent to $6.99 per month). The Avast SecureLine VPN pricing is different in that per month it is just $5.00 to use their service and for a full year, it is $59.99.

Final Words

Both companies are committed in doing what they can in order to prevent their customer’s data from being logged. Avast SecureLine VPN does, however, collect a small number of connection logs. Because Nord VPN is based out of Panama in South America, they are not legally required to store logs of any of the activities that their customers have online whilst using their service.

If you would like another comparison of these two VPN services then you can click for a comparison here.

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