Boosting Brand Awareness with Real Instagram Likes

It is well established that Instagram can act as an extremely powerful tool for boosting brand awareness and conversions online.

However, a consistent engagement that is at the root of social media marketing success can prove to be elusive despite Instagram having the highest rate of engagement among all social media networks.

Boosting Brand Awareness with Instagram

Some practical tips that can help brands to get free Instagram followers for driving website traffic and e-commerce success:

Develop Your Brand Look on Instagram

Everyone using Instagram should never forget that the network has become the raging success it was simply because of its visual orientation that is remarkably different from the rest of the countless social media platforms.

This requires brands to create a visual identity on Instagram that mirrors what their actual brand identity is because otherwise, there will be a situation that followers will get confused when they encounter any brand activity outside Instagram.

Having an Instagram brand identity that resonates well will serve to reinforce what the brand stands for and the brand will get rewarded with more likes, comments, and shares, all indicating the willingness of the user to engage with the brand.

Given the limitations of posting visual content on Instagram, reinforcement of brand identity is best done by dressing up photos and videos with the same colors that are followed in the brand logo or by using filters to lend a certain unique look to the posts that will make them easily identifiable even in the clutter of posts on the feeds of followers.

DM Influencers

You can raise the engagement level on your account by direct messaging influencers to grow the number of your followers quickly. The most effective way of doing this is to identify influencers who are active in your niche and start reaching out to them.

If you have only a modest number of followers, forget the really large influencers and locate the ones that are somewhat larger than you and also have a better engagement rate.

It is better to avoid accounts that are too similar to yours but rather you should seek out someone with a distinctly different style so that you get to access different followers.

Reach out to the identified influencers with a customized direct message that should make the recipient feel special. Your opening line should be an attention grabber and make the influencer you are reaching out to feel valued and important.

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Be sure to specify the reason why you are reaching out with the message and assure them that you will also reciprocate. The typical reasons for the communication range from checking out your profile, like and comment on your posts, tag you in their Stories, or even repurpose your post content.

While not every influencer will want this kind of an association, you could easily end up with many workable partnerships through which, you can harness the power of their accounts.

Buy Instagram Likes

Boosting brand awareness is a continuous exercise and is the result of continuously promoting your posts so that they have more engagement. While doing this by posting good content and adhering to the best practices of Instagram marketing, it can take a very long time for the results to show.

A very effective shortcut that many brands and even influencers tend to take is buying Instagram likes. If you avoid agencies that sell you bot-based likes that are a clear violation of Instagram’s terms of service and choose an agency like that generates likes by employing real people you can elevate the visibility of your posts in the feeds of your followers.

Post at the Right Times

Even though Instagram has dispensed with the concept of displaying posts on the feeds of users in a chronological manner, getting a chance to be seen by the followers is still a very important task for brands because if there is no reach, there is no engagement, and they might well as have wasted their entire time and effort.

It is vitally important for your posts to appear on the feed of your followers at the times that they are more active; both the actual time of the day and the day of the week are important factors for achieving engagement.

Studies have revealed that Thursday afternoons are when the engagement peaks globally on Instagram though Wednesdays and Fridays are pretty good too for posting content. The best way of establishing what works the best for your brand is using Instagram analytics tools to investigate when your followers are most active.

Remember, every brand needs to work out their best times because it differs according to location, the age of the audience, the nature of the brand, etc.

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Humanize Your Posts to Make Them More Relatable

Often brands in their endeavor to be creative to make their posts stand out on Instagram simply forget that for the purpose of boosting engagement, the content has to be not only interesting but also relatable.

Since social media posts are infamous for trying to show a picture-perfect state of things, most users are now habituated to taking everything with a pinch of salt and often doubt the authenticity of the photos.

According to studies, as many as 68% of the top-performing Instagram posts feature the products prominently and photos that contain human faces tend to be liked more to the extent of 38% than those that don’t.

However, this does not mean that you need to have all your posts to have both the product and a human face for achieving the best performance.

It is a good idea to keep your posts varied so that you don’t end up with all the posts pushing your products and annoying your followers. It is not necessary to take the concept of showing face too literally; any human involvement is good enough to make it more relatable.

As a rule, you should try and ensure that 80% of your posts serve to entertain, inspire or educate your followers while the rest can be used as product advertisements.


Building brand awareness and engagement on Instagram consistently is not the easiest of tasks; however, if you take the effort of working out a clear strategy, it could pay off handsomely.

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