Benefits of referring to NCERT Science Book Class 9

# Last Updated On: November 30, 2021 #

Class 9 is one of the most interesting times of school life. This is because it provides students with real-life examples, practical applications, and concepts that are relevant to them.

NCERT’s book has given students a proper understanding of science topics like astronomy, biology, chemistry, etc. which is why they are referred to during the time of need. This article elaborates what benefits one can get for referring to this part of the book in 10th class.

Class 9 is the last year of school and it is bound to be tough for students as they will have to do all their previous year’s work and also write new pieces of assignments which will be very tough exams. This makes them need some help during this time to get at least a basic knowledge about the subject so that they can refer to it when it comes in their way.


NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, which plays the role of a national agency for school education. It is responsible for determining educational research and policy as well as providing both financial as well as non-financial assistance to schools in India.

Most important is NCERT publishes books on various subjects under different classes. Its books are used as a textbook for all classes in primary and middle schools. Primary school students learn all subjects from English language subjects to Mathematics and Social Sciences and higher studies in science and mathematics.

The NCERT book for class 9 is amazing. This book is one of the best books on science which helps to understand, clear doubts, and understand concepts very easily. It incorporates science concepts of life process, ecosystem, ecosystems, etc.

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From this book, students get to know that Science is a subject by which you learn about the properties of materials brought into contact with each other such as gases, liquids, or solids.

Here are some reasons why you should refer to the class 9 NCERT science book to ace your exams:

  • Class 9 NCERT is packed with facts and formulas about different aspects of science.
  • Class 9 NCERT covers topics like motion, electricity, sound waves, mechanics, heat transfer.
  • Class 9 NCERT has chapters on the principles of physics and astronomy.
  • Class 9 contains diagrams that help you visualize concepts in physics.
  • CBSE syllabus says that it wants students to be clear with their understandings. It teaches multiple strategies for understanding concepts in Physics.
  • Class 9 NCERT elaborately explains concepts.
  • It also provides teachers with ample scope to help students understand the concepts better.
  • Class 9 NCERT contains topics on life science, chemistry, biology, and microbiology.
  • Class 9 NCERT is an exhaustive book that has great coverage of topics like population. explosion, adaptation in environment and ecology.
  • It also has several experiments spread across different chapters of class 9.
  • Class 9 NCERT has a comprehensive chapter on global warming.
  • It has a long list of practice questions that students need to comprehend and answer.
  • Class 9 NCERT can be used as a refresher for the concepts taught in class 8.
  • Like any class book, it has mistakes in concepts and formulas.
  • Class 9 NCERT covers more topics than any other book of science textbooks in India.
  • Its content is written in a way that helps the students understand the concept better.
  • Class 9 NCERT contains exercises and questions based on visuals, diagrams, charts, and graphs.
  • It has questions on topics related to general science.
  • It is also the only textbook for class 9 that covers comprehensive biology concepts in detail.
  • Class 9 NCERT helps students in identifying their areas of weakness in the subject.
  • It helps students in knowing what they need to study extra to score well.
  • It has clear-cut answers and explanations for all the questions asked in NCERT textbooks.
  • It is used by schools across India as the textbook of class 9 science for CBSE board exams.
  • Class 9 NCERT covers topics like space exploration, satellite technology, space missions, aeronautics and aviation technology, spacecraft, life support systems, etc.
  • NCERT books are available in multiple languages for your ease of understanding. You can find NCERT Science Book Class 9 in Hindi as well.
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