Top 10 Best Anime Torrent Websites in 2021


Different kinds of media of animation and style are referred to as anime by animation fans worldwide. When it comes to animated content anime happens to be taking the front seat as it is well-developed as well as true to life. Available as movies or television episodes anime has already taken the attention of a great many animation lovers.

In case you are willing to watch anime online and choose Torrent to download these contents then this article can help you are a great deal.

It is notable that in a number of countries including Morocco, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, and Saudi Arabia the torrent websites stay blocked. With the use of the VPN Service, the torrents can be accessed.

Best Torrent website for Anime: 

These are the essential tips that one needs to have before opting for the right torrent site. But that is not all. You need to be sure of all the torrent sites and the upsides and downsides that they have. Let us have a complete look at them and then offer you the option to select the bests.  Now we will talk about the torrent websites that are used for anime downloading.

1. Animetosho

The first name that comes in the list of most used torrent sites for anime is Animetosho. For easy download of the anime movies and series, this is the best one that one can hope for. They can find the most popular ones right here. The navigation you are happens to be quite simple as well. However, some of the torrent users find it difficult to find the English dubbed shows on this site.

2. 1337X

This is easy to navigate Torrent site is very clean and therefore the users face no complication in finding the Anime videos. The whole process is easy also and you will be able to watch other content here as well.  The site is extremely popular now and trending among the top 10 anime torrents.

3. Anime Layer

Anime Torrent Websites

This one is quite famous Anime Torrent Website for its impressive visuals as well as the UI navigation. It is a clean one having all the detailed information such as the type, the genre, the country, the release date, resolution, descriptions as well as all the other things that you may need to know before you make the download. In addition to the features mentioned above the anime, layer happens to be a fantastic forum where Anime fans can exchange their thoughts.

4. Torlock

If you are searching for the next best anime platform after the previously mentioned three, then torlock is the one you should be thinking about. It happens to be one of those very few websites that are verified in torrents. When you download the torrents,Torlock offers the upload time and the size visible for you. However, some male feel annoyed with too much of advertisements there

5. Anime Ultimo

This happens to be an easy running simple Torrent site having the best collections of the exclusive anime parts. Along with the animate Torrent, the website also offers details about the uploaders, the types, the episode names as well as the dates of the Torrent.

The website has come up with a great collection of Anime that cater to the needs of Anime fans worldwide. The only problem with this website is that it is way too small and one needs to zoom in to the website for proper reading.

6. The Pirate Bay

Anime Torrent Websites

The Pirate Bay happens to be a very reliable and old animeTorrent website if it comes to anime torrents downloading. Having a clutter-free UI this torrent offers the chance to the user’s only find the search bar along with some basic filters.

The meaning is simple. The users can only explore and download Anime torrents. The whole process is simple enough for them. It should be however mentioned that a number of countries have blocked the Pirate Bay and therefore the alternative sites should be checked.

7. AniRena

In the list of the best torrenting sites, this one is worth mentioning for its extensive collection of anime movies and series. Most of these series are available in English. Along with that, there is a good section for non-English anime. Just like the other websites 8-1 also so has each and every detail of the movies and series that one expects there. The website is the ultimate choice for many anime fans.

8. Seedpeer

Anime Torrent Websites

The next website that we are going to talk about is Seedpeer. Along with the other games and music and movies, Seedpeer also has a specific section that is reserved for anime then movies. The navigation UI is easy and clean here and the website offers details about the age and size of each and every Torrent available on this platform. It happens to be a renamed version of the decade old popular website Meganova.

9. Horriblesubs

This is the 9th among the best anime torrent websites that we are going to talk about where Anime fans can get a lot to download. There are video qualities that this site offers, unlike the other websites. They are SD, HD, and FHD.

Along with the Anime series and movies the users get powerful detail about the same which the downloader can follow. This anime site also offers details about the future releases of the episodes and series. In the festivals approaching a lot of giveaways are offered to buy this Torrent site. So, keeping an eye on it is quite profitable in every account.

10. Katcr.Co

Anime Torrent Websites

Last but not least is this website that is quite new and made by KickassTorrent staff members. The website is quite reliable and for Anime fans it has great promises ahead as it has dedicated sections for anime.

Along with that, there are displays of the size and ages of the torrents that the users can find on this platform. The simple website happens to be perfect in every respect.

So we have mentioned Anime Torrent Websites that you can go for while choosing the right torrent site for you. You need to be sure of what kind of movies and series in anime, you wish to see and that also from which language. Accordingly, you can choose as per the information shared by us in this article.

In case you are sure that you will find the mentioned series on a certain torrent site, then go for it. Different torrent sites also have different downsides and that has been mentioned here as well. So this year you can make wise selections to experience some of the best anime movies and series that you have always been interested to watch.

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