Android Application Launch Checklist: Things to Ensure

# Last Updated On: April 3, 2020 #

Sustaining in the huge world of app growth, you might realize at some point you’ll oversee something vital things. Signifying the right release strategy, acquiring achievement in the App Store and retaining consumers for the long-term is a multi-variate, multi-step procedure that straightaway governs the consequence of your web or mobile app.

Android Application Launch Checklist

Android Application Launch Checklist

Whilst there is a plethora of information to cover and keep the path of in this procedure, there are certain big deliberations that will assist guide you in conjunction with you until you reach for app achievement, predominantly as your policy progress.

You have been eagerly waiting for this special day while executing a lot of arduous efforts on your app, and now you are going to launch your Android application but you are wondering if there is something I am overlooking or missing. Formerly, then this is the final launch checklist for you.

Supplement Analytics To Android Application Expansion

Look on the off chance that you have comprised the right analytics at all the provinces where you had directed. The most ideal method to verify is that simply deem what details you necessitate and what are the dimensions you require to gauge, certify whether you can attain that dimensions and details from the examination that you have comprised or not. And on the off chance that you can attain those then you are prepared.

Some aspects to deem:

  • Customize your consumer’s app experience to prep every communication distinct.
  • Detect every performance and modify changes associated with data.
  • Opt for KPIs that make sense for your aimed customers.
  • Instill CleverTap’s SDK to detect consumer engagement performance and mobile analytics.
  • Assess your customer behavior and capitalize them with segmented and aimed campaigns

Implement Proguard In Your Android App

Implementing proguard to your application assists in several means. It decreases the code which heads to the app size decrease. It also obscures the code which makes it daunting for the developer who is practicing to reverse engineer your submission.

There exist a few important points that should be deemed while implementing the Proguard in your app.

  • Supplement the rule for the courses on which you do not desire to implement Proguard with the help of keep class.
  • Keep in mind to supplement the Proguard guidelines in guard-rules.profile for any collection that you have encompassed in your project.
  • Additionally, keep your mapping file of the Proguard to detect back to the unique program. You may have to upload it at distinct areas for witnessing the original stack-detection of the crashes.
  • Do not practice somewhat like AwesomeFragment.class.getSimpleName() as a fragment TAG. The Proguard may a lot the same name (A.class) to two distinct fragments in distinct packages while obscuring. During the phase, two fragments will exist with the same TAG. Further, leading to the bug in the app.
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Optimize Your Mobile App Size

Reduction in the span of your Mobile Application, increasingly the shot of receiving the download, decrease in the probability of acquiring uninstalls. With these lines, application estimate concerns a great transaction. Stay vigilant to expel all the unexploited possessions.

Supplement Crash Reporting Collection

Sneak into the event that you have encompassed the crash mentioning library precisely in your Android application Development or not. Further, you ought to authorize if the key is right for the formation or not.

Prepping For Landing Page

It is never too late to commence creating a buzz about your all-new mobile app and establish a fan following. Below are the three best strategies for a pre-launch landing page:-

  • Develop a simple and clean landing page that depicts your app features, product launch date, and app’s screenshots.
  • Request consumers to sign up for product release notices
  • Provide social media sharing equipment’s for users to endorse your app to others as well.

Recognize your beta users

The beta customers will serve as the eventual test group and will be considered as the most legit and precise critics of your new-to-the-world app, so fetching the right team is vital.

You can opt to do a public beta release, which is open to everybody to attain more impressions or conduct a private release by invite-only. Initially, deem what your dream is for the app, and similarly, with that, your ideal customer would be: if it’s actually anyone, the public beta could be perfect.

If you favor extra aimed beta visions, search the closest possible form of your ideal customer and give them the invitation.

Approaching your beta customers is always serious. You can practice various tools which assist streamline that procedure. Further, then beta or real-world testers, you’ll also desire to fetch some scale, network testing and load to tolerate on your app.

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Further, you can do this by yourself, and originally that might work, but there exist numerous tools that can assist decrease the amount of time spent on this stage of the plan.

Social Media

While releasing your new mobile product, social media is an outstanding podium to determine organic enhancement and captivating for your app.

  • Create fan buzz by posting and tweeting to Facebook weekly both erstwhile and throughout your mobile app release.
  • Introduce your official social media channels one-month prior to release to create share information and brand buzz with respect to your app.
  • Establish your social media pages officially for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Strategies for Engaging And Re-engaging Users

Endorsing your app to amass downloads is a vital role in the marketing strategy, but don’t overlook what is accompanying next: enhancing and up keeping usage (or enhancing the “stickiness” of your app).

The promised customers are more possible to make in-app purchases, morph, and offer you positive appraisals. On the whole, they are the most appreciated consumers you have, and re-engaging them to keep them contented is a certain must-do.

This is possible easily with campaigns aimed at your consumers via SMS, push and in-app messages, and email. These endorse engagement with superior modified content, discounts and offers, reminders and other appreciated detail your consumers are seeking for.

Additionally, campaigns that articulate to individual audience segments via the automation and personalization (some of our favorite keywords), and generate as per certain actions, making the entire experience custom-made to your consumer comforts.

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