8 Things You Didn’t Know About Virtual Assistants But You Should

Technology is advancing at lightning speed creating better ways of working. It is possible to keep your business running 24/7 with assistance from a virtual assistant (VA). Additionally, the VA allows focusing on core business tasks.

8 Things to Know About Virtual Assistants

Perhaps you get overwhelmed with work and have always considered hiring a VA. There is a lot a VA can do including administrative work, marketing management, and customer support. Check out some things you didn’t know about virtual assistants.

1: Not anyone makes a good VA

The internet is full of people claiming to be virtual assistants. However, having an internet connection and a computer at home is not the appropriate recipe for a virtual assistant. Going for a random person off the internet is likely to make you end up with an inexperienced person without the knowledge to handle your tasks.

The best thing to do is to find a reputable agency with trusted virtual assistants. The agency vets and carefully selects potential staff to handle customer requirements.

2: More than online personal assistants and secretaries

Virtual assistants are not online versions of administrative or personal assistants. Professional Vas can handle multiple tasks to help your business thrive. Apart from administrative work, a well-chosen virtual assistant can handle tasks including:

  • Sales support
  • Customer service
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing strategy
  • Email management
  • Content management
  • Schedule management
  • Social media management

3: Reliable and essential for business growth

Virtual assistants are not unreliable freelancers who might disappear after receiving your money.  Perhaps you are having apprehensions about hiring a virtual assistant since you won’t always be physically around in your office.

This makes most people anxious about working with a VA who might disappear into the dark hole of the internet anytime. Fortunately, getting a VA from one of the best virtual assistant companies  is a good value for money.

A virtual assistant from a reputable company and reliable agency will give you satisfactory and completed work to push your business forward.

4: Consistent communication is necessary

Although virtual assistants work remotely, they also need onboarding like the in-house staff. This encourages having a very productive relationship with the VA. A successful working relationship requires consistent communication with a thorough onboarding process to ensure everyone is on the same page.

After establishing project and task expectations, delegating tasks to the VA becomes more effective. This is the foundation to allow your VA to work independently without much oversight. All this comes after efficient communication before the delegation.

5: Not all VAs are work-at-home moms

Anyone can work as a virtual assistant including work-at-home moms. This is a great job for anyone for its flexibility and ability to work from anywhere. Working as a VA is a great profession for anyone looking forward to escaping from the traditional 9 to 5 career.

Virtual assistants enjoy the freedom of traveling while diligently working on customers’ projects. There is better work-life balance while working as a VA compared to typical office work.

6: Cheaper than in-house staff

Working with a virtual assistant is very cheap compared to working with in-house staff. The virtual assistance service costs vary according to the kind of assistance you need.

Virtual assistants  usually charge a very affordable hourly rate to save your business a significant amount. Since the VA is not an employee of your company, there is no need to worry about things such as:

  • Salary
  • Staff benefits
  • Working space
  • Regular staff training
  • Appropriate equipment

No worry about the privacy of business information

Business security and privacy are very important. Luckily, professional virtual assistants always ensure utmost privacy of their clients’ information.

Additionally, you can even make the VA sign a service agreement regarding how to treat your information during the course of the project and after completion.

Apart from the VA signing your confidentiality agreement, look for an agency with VAs having International Virtual Assistant Association ethics check certification.

7: Anyone needs a VA including solopreneurs

Virtual assistants are not for only huge companies with too many tasks to delegate. Solopreneurs can also balance duties better with assistance from using VA services. Virtual assistances handle various tasks vital for business growth regardless of size.

Solopreneurs can hire virtual assistants  for repetitive tasks that might be inhibiting them from focusing on core tasks in the business.

Apart from bookkeeping and research, a VA can handle various tasks including content creation and appointment scheduling.

Virtual assistants come with enough experience and expertise to push your business forward. A VA is a valuable asset for every business to help you focus on core business tasks or to do the things you love.


Improving efficiency and productivity in business requires having the right team. Fortunately, virtual assistants handle various essential tasks to encourage growth in your business. Virtual assistants work remotely.

This will save you a significant amount you would have used for hiring new staff, training, or salary and benefits.

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