Meet Oppo’s Breeno Digital Voice Assistant

Smartphone segment is a kind of warzone where companies are battling hard to give their customers only best features they need. No phone manufacture wants to lag behind and goes off the light.

Oppo’s Breeno Digital Voice Assistant is Here

Oppo Breeno Voice Assistant

Oppo’s latest feature, its brand new Breeno digital voice assistant is an amazing example of how the phone makers are going miles to serve their customers.

Breeno Voice Assistant: An AI Based Feature

On Wednesday, the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has announced its Breeno digital voice assistant at a developer event in China. So far, Oppo only had a Smart Assistant in its smartphones.  Alongside, Oppo also made a way for Breeno voice skills platform and smart service platform to let developers build on top of the Oppo’s assistant.

With the Breeno all set to join the digital personal assistant bandwagon, it will surely present tiff neck to neck competition to fellow voice assistants Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby. Breeno will also pose a challenge for voice assistants by Xiaomi and Huawei that are popular in China at moment.

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Breeno Voice Assistant: It’s Module Based

Reportedly, Breeno bundles seven modules that work together to offer relevant information to the consumers whenever it’s required. The report cites n example of how the assistant will work. If a consumer is at airport, Breeno will automatically push the boarding gate information to him.

Oppo, in a press release, unearthed many features of the Breeno. Oppo’s digital assistant Breeno is powered by company’s own artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The company claims that Breeno isn’t merely a digital voice assistant but a multi-dimensional integration solution.

Breeno Digital Assistant: Serves Three Levels

Technically, Breeno is designed and integrated to work on three different levels namely hardware, interaction, and services. On the hardware level, Breeno can work well with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables, cars, and more.

On the service level, the Oppo’s digital assistant has capability to recommend consumers on different things to enable them make intelligent judgments.

On interaction level, the assistant is designed to understand the text, voice, gestures, emotions, and moods more naturally. Oppo is already in talks with major home appliance companies and tech conglomerates to offer compatibility with Breeno.

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