7 Things You Should Do Immediately After Registering Your Domain

Your domain name online is also your brand. Once you have claimed it and registered it, make sure no one steals it from you. This means that you should do everything to prevent others from putting your efforts to waste.</p>

For instance, there are people who would buy a domain name that is similar to yours to confuse people. If your target audience lands on the other website and have found the wrong information, they might decide not to go back to your actual website the next time around.

To solve this problem, you can also buy similar domain names and register them under your name. You can redirect people who have visited this domain to your main website to avoid confusion.

The same thing is true for social media. You need to register with an account name that is similar to the one used in your domain name. This makes it easier for people to locate your page in Facebook or Twitter and follow your account.

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Take note that there are a lot of competitors out there. Some of them would love to play dirty. Confusing your target audience could be an effective strategy so that you won’t receive enough traffic. Your conversion rate will then be affected. Just check the infographic below for other information on what you need to do as soon as you have registered the domain to your name. The process is very simple so you don’t have to worry about it.

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