5 Worthy Google Services That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Google has always been instrumental in exploring new products that have extended manifold benefits to the internet. Today, across daily life, services like Gmail as well as search engine services are widely used.

5 Worthy Google Services

However, the portfolio of Googler products does not stop here. Rather, there are manifold services that are not that much popular as its search engine or email services. Still, those services are really worth a look. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss some of those services.

 1. Google Keep

Released in the year 2013, this is basically an annotation service by Google, and it features compatibility with web, iOS, and Android technologies. Though users can enjoy the iOS version of this app through the web interface, if you aspire to avail of the Android version, you require synchronizing it through your Gmail account.

Using this service, you can take notes in formats like images, lists, as well as audio tracks. You can synchronize it with your Gmail Account that makes it extremely simple to handle the features.

2. Google Alerts

This is an effectual method of monitoring search engine services for exploring new results. It watches the Google search engine services for user queries and the moment suitable solutions are explored; it will trigger automated alerts in the form of an email.

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Usually, such updates come up on a daily or weekly basis. This service comes highly beneficial for parties who are concerned about their online reputation.

3. Google Fonts

This service is meant for the web designers and developers, and it makes it easier to explore, view as well as sort and download the best fonts from web sources. Designers and developers review that this service comes highly effective in escalating their performance and efficiency. As such, giving a try on this service certainly makes a good sense.

 4. Google Shopping

This tool enables you to explore the most relevant products and services as per your needs and choices and to compare the similar offerings. Besides, using this service, just with a few clicks, you can explore the most reliable providers of the products and services that you are looking for.

5. Google Forms

It is ranked as one of the most useful applications to administer and manage surveys. Using this application, you can create interactive forms that feature multiple choices and text responses as well as enable you to shuffle the questions in a random manner.

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