Using Technology to Teach Your Kids – 5 Interesting Apps

It isn’t uncommon to see very young kids with smartphones in their hands and operating it with absolute ease. Most parents get annoyed watching their kids glued to the phones and watching cartoons or playing games the whole day.

5 Interesting Kids Apps

Instead, parents can use this very technology and help kids learn through games, videos and cartoons. Here are 5 apps that will not only keep your kids occupied but also help them learn something while doing so.

1. codeSpark Academy

Coding is an important skill that benefits most professionals. However, one doesn’t need to be an adult to learn to start coding. codeSpark Academy is a perfect app for your child to learn coding from a young age through increasingly challenging drag-and-drop coding puzzles.

It introduces the kids to the logic of programming using visual blocks of code. Though no instructions are available in-app, parents can access a full curriculum which explains various concepts on the codeSpark website that is linked in the parent section.

2. Elmo Calls

 Sesame Street’s own furry, red monster Elmo is a fun character that every child loves. So why not give Elmo a chance to teach your kids something?

Elmo Calls is an app that makes fun phone calls from Elmo and helps teach kids about healthy habits, self-confidence, and letters. It is easy for even the kids to navigate the app and replay their favorite calls.

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There is an improved Grown-ups section for accessing, favoriting, scheduling and adding calls.

3. Endless Alphabet

 This is a unique, educational and an interactive app which teaches kids alphabets. Endless Alphabet uses colorful and playful monsters that teach kids their ABCs and help build their vocabulary.

The kids can explore and learn over 50 words, each of which features an interactive puzzle that has talking alphabets and animations to illustrate the definition of the words. The kids can learn at their own pace and have fun while doing it.

4. Disney Story Central

There is no need to buy a ton of storybooks to read your kids their bedtime stories, thanks to this app. The Disney Story Central has a large selection of e-books starring kids’ favorite Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, various princesses, etc.

The app allows read-along narrations and personalized book recommendations. The fun part? The kids can earn trophies and awards as they progress through the stories.

5. Stack the States

Stack the States helps kids learn about states, their shapes, capitals and even abbreviations of the state. They will have to build a stack of cartoonish states to reach the finish line, which will lead to the next level and eventually creating a full map of the United States.

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The kids can tap the location of the selected states to complete the whole country and slide the states around to put them together like a puzzle, or match states with their capitals in fast-paced bonus games.  Download these apps and watch your kids have fun and learn at the same time.

5 Interesting Kids Apps

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