4 Surprising Steps To Transform Email Unsubscribes Into Paying Customers

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

In today’s society, the technology has advanced so far that there is basically no need for a personal contact when it comes to selling products of services. Just a few decades ago this would be almost unimaginable, as there was no other way to present the product but via personal contact with the customer.

4 Ways to Transform Email Unsubscribes Into Paying Customers

However, it should be mentioned that, although today’s opportunities have numerous advantages (transmission time of the message, a larger market, a larger number of consumers), there are also some problematic elements. Precisely this expansion of the market has led to the circumstances that are not very favorable for the traders and businessman – there are just too many of them, and this is why it is very hard to reach the customers.

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According to some data, 20% of businessman has stated that their revenues are directly connected to email, which is not surprising having in mind that email is 40x more reliable than other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The main problem is how to stand out in the seas of business emails that the customers receive every day? How to increase the chances that they will read an email and get interested in the offer? How to compose an email that will increase the chances of selling the product? In the text below, a list of tips and pieces of advice on this topic will be provided.

1) Online writing service

Although there are many important elements, it seems that, when it comes to the effectiveness of an email, the most important thing is its content and the way that it is written, i.e. the style. Not surprisingly, a lot of people consider this as a serious problem because it is not an easy task to compose such an email.

It may seem like a simple process – the email should start with a greeting, then the main reason and the purpose of the email should be elaborated, and at the end, another greeting. Of course, it is much more complex than that. The content of an email should draw attention but also look professional, and this is not easy to achieve. However, there is an available and very effective solution.

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In order to ensure an email that will be noticed, one can address to Myessaywriting.co.uk and order any kind of content. Soon after an order has been made, a team of experienced professionals will create an original, interesting, and professional email that will significantly increase the chances of successful selling.

2) Personalizes every email

Psychologists have shown that people are more likely to respond when someone approaches them directly. This is a very important element that is often overlooked. It is not the same thing when an email starts like this: “Dear Sir, our company is…” and like this “Dear Mr. Smith, our company…” It is obvious that the second example gives an impression of both professionalism and intimacy.

If a potential customer opens his email and sees the first (impersonal) opening, he will probably think that it is irrelevant or even a spam. This is simply because nothing suggests that it is something that is related to him and thus, that he should pay attention to it. Besides this, everyone receives piles of similar emails, so they simply don’t have enough time to read them all.

However, when their name is mentioned at the beginning, it is more likely that they will be intrigued and thus, will open it and keep reading.

3) Keep it concise

The fact that a potential customer has opened the email and started reading it is not the guarantee that he will actually read it completely and consider the offer. The most important rule is to keep the content as short as possible. Today’s life tempo is very fast, so people are in a constant rush and they don’t have any time to waste.

If the email is too long, they will probably stop reading it as soon as they notice this. Another possibility is that they will try to find the main purpose of the email within a few seconds and if they fail to do so, they will most likely stop reading it.

This is why the content should be concise and straightforward; right after the opening sentence the main reason and the purpose of the email should be elaborated so that the person could immediately realize what it is about. When he sees that it won’t take long to read the whole email, he will probably do it, and the message will be successfully transmitted.

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4) Ask a question

A very effective way to start the correspondence with a customer is to ask a question. Of course, it shouldn’t be any kind of question. There are two most important rules: it should be relevant and open-ended. Relevant questions are those that refer to the customer and that can facilitate his interest in the product or a service.

One can ask questions about customer’s evaluation of the product or about his interest in it. Besides that, one can also ask a customer for his opinion or advice on how the product can be improved etc… The main purpose of these questions is that a customer will realize that his voice will be heard and that his opinion is appreciated.

Asking open-ended questions leaves a possibility for the customer to express his opinion without any limitations within the formulation of the question.

Selling products and services via email is popular for a good reason. By using email, one can reach a large number of people in a very short period of time. However, just reaching people is not enough, as they also have to open the email and to read it.

In order to create an email that will draw the customer’s attention, one can use pieces of advice that are listed in this text. All of these tips have been shown as very effective ones, so by using them, one will increase the chance that his products and services will be considered by the customers.


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