10 Golden Rules For Perfect Mobile Application Development

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

In today’s digital world, the mobile app development market is expanding with a great pace which makes app marketing more competitive. For creating a successful app in such a complicated scenario, you have to be very particular about the approach being followed for app development.

Mobile Application Development Golden Rules

So, what makes a mobile app popular or successful? The answer comprises various aspects. If you use following points to develop your mobile app, you’ll definitely get a product that meets the needs of both you and your target customers:

#1. Start with a great imagination

If you want to create a successful app, you should keep following things in mind:

  • Carefully identify a problem that can be resolved by your mobile app
  • Decide all the features of your mobile app

Your app should provide your target customer with real benefits including cost reduction via productivity enhancements, improving experience of customer etc.

#2. Identify target users and platform

You should be clear about:

Target users of app

You should develop your app keeping in mind the target users. A clear vision regarding the target group is required to enhance the success ratio of your app.

Mobile devices or platforms to be supported

Mobile devices and platforms should be carefully selected thinking about battery life, hardware performance, ruggedness and required peripherals. Some factors that should be considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, performance, device support and other features.

#3. Aesthetic App Design

Designing is yet another crucial factor responsible for the success of any mobile app. An app developer should focus on the user interface design, multi touch gestures for touch-enabled smartphone devices as well as consider platform design standards.

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UI design of any mobile app plays a vital role in the success of apps. Mobile app designing is becoming quite popular, as it creates a prompt impact on the user’s mind while ensuring app usability.

#4. Choose right approach for app development: Native, Web or Hybrid

Choosing correct approach for app development is a crucial aspect. Your mobile app development approach should be according to the time and budgetary constraints of a client.

You should understand advantages and disadvantages of Native Vs Hybrid Vs HTML5 Mobile Apps, so that you can select the right one for your app development.

#5. Develop right prototype

After identifying the approach, you need to develop appropriate prototype. Turn your idea into an app with some basic functionalities.

With the help of a prototype, you can sell your idea to the potential buyers who can now view the benefits instead of merely reading or visualizing product description. This is helpful in luring investors and finding licensees.

#6. Analytics tool integration

You should also incorporate appropriate analytics that provides you an elaborative picture of the number of visitors who use your webs, the way they arrived on your website and procedures to get them back.

Here are some popular and effective mobile analytics tool which helps in this process:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

#7. Prepare for beta-testing

Beta testing provides good opportunity to get feedback direct from your target users. It enhances the app visibility in the mobile app store. It also reduces product risk as well as get you that initial push in the mobile app store.

An important task to make sure success of an app is to identify beta testers. You should define target customers and eliminate all possible bugs before launching your app for beta testing.

#8. Be strategic about app marketing & distribution

Knowing effective ideas to market a mobile app is crucial in this cut-throat competition. Today, many distribution channels for apps are available and you should choose the right combination that works best for the target audience.

For example, being featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot, Top 25 or 100 apps lists, is a strategy that will get your mobile app noticed.

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Another effective way to get your app noticed is to generate press coverage around your app launch. Apple takes note of positive media coverage of app, which may give your app an entry to the New & Noteworthy list.

#9. Capture the metrics

Collection of precise metrics is highly important because there has been significant rise in the app users in recent decade. Major input metrics that you should follow are:

Funnel analysis-

it signifies why your users are failing to complete desired user actions including ad clicks or in-app purchases

Measuring social sharing-

It signifies what aspects of mobile app are capturing your users’ attention

Tracking location and time-

It gives you insights into the contexts in which your mobile app is used

#10 Upgrade your app on regular basis

After capturing the user metrics it is quite crucial to upgrade your mobile app with latest features and improvements. An app without latest features loses its usability in a long-go.  Upgrading the mobile app with advanced features enhances its visibility as well as downloads.


If you follow above mentioned tips for developing mobile app, your app will be able to get maximum potential user. If I miss any point or you want to add any other point, don’t forget to comment below.

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February 10, 2020 4:03 pm

thanks for providing the useful information on mobile app developments

john davies
john davies
February 18, 2020 12:32 am

Superb Blog ! Being a beginner as a mobile app developer in a mobile app development company USA its a very useful article. I’m glad that i read this article. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog !

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