Benefits of Using a Residential Proxy

What are the Benefits of Using a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies are IP addresses that are offered by ISPs or internet Service Providers to people who own homes. A proxy server is one that exists between your computer and the internet. It is useful in monitoring your online activities as well as improved security.

Benefits of Using a Residential Proxy?

Benefits of Using a Residential Proxy

Residential proxies are genuine IP addresses that are linked to a physical location of a real device. There are many companies that offer these services. These proxies are very beneficial in that they improve anonymity.

There are other types of proxies that one can consider. These are:

  • Data Center proxies
  • Private Proxies
  • Shared Proxies

There are significant differences between these proxies.

Whenever you go online, your web history is tracked. This is either by the websites that you access or by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This is because they are able to know your IP address. You may choose to hide your location for various reasons. Namely:

  • Scrapping or mining data from several websites
  • You may want to run multiple accounts from one machine
  • Social media management through creating multiple sites.
  • Verifying the ads that are displayed on your site
  • Monitoring market prices for regular updates.
  • Access geo-blocked content among many others.

This is where residential proxies are most useful. There are various types of residential proxies. It is considered to be an upgraded residential proxy as it provides more benefits than avoiding IP blocks with residential proxies.

1. Backconnect residential proxies

These allow you to browse through the internet under another person’s IP. This is usually enabled by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It acts as an access point between your device and the private residential proxies.

It switches periodically between these proxies offering maximum anonymity. It is considered to be an upgraded residential proxy as it provides more benefits. It is still regarded as user-friendly as well as convenient.

It is very fast with a better connection. They do not offer a rate limit, which is advantageous when scraping the internet. The rotating proxies offer better anonymity as they keep your IP address invisible. This added anonymity also comes with better security for your device as it protects you from any malicious content.

They are also known as rotating proxies as they rotate between IP addresses after a certain duration. Backconnect residential servers have certain limitations such as cost and issues with speed as it is switching between proxies.

2. Regular Residential Proxy

This allows you to access a website through the same browser regularly. Some browsers detect this regular IP address, and they may block it from accessing the websites. However, it is an excellent proxy to use for users with simple requests.

3. Static Residential Proxy

It uses legitimate IP addresses that are provided by various Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These allow a computer to be assigned a new IP address each time masking the real IP. They are also more stable, offering effective communication as it is not interrupted.

It is also simple and is easy to set up and manage it. Using them as residential proxies legitimizes them and makes it harder for them to be blocked by websites.

They are limited in that they are expensive and hard to come by, especially in cases of extensive data scraping. Here are various factors to consider when shopping for a residential proxy:-


residential proxies do not come cheap. However, you can compare prices offered by various service providers to get the best experience. You can determine your needs so as to come up with the best proxy price package.

Reliability and Safety of use:

You want to use a proxy that is reliable and dependable as well as secure. This will protect your computer from any malicious content as well as keep your business safe. The safety of your business while using these proxies should also be a priority.

The proxy location:

It is advisable to use a proxy a location that is closer to your physical location. Some geo-locations are also very risky and are consistently flagged by various websites.

Reason for using the proxy:

It is always good to consider why you need the proxy. This is to allow you to have the best experience with the preferred type.

Is it compatible with automation tools?

It is good to verify that the chosen residential proxy package is compatible with automation tools, such as SEO tools, among others.

Does it have a site unblocking option?

You may want to stream content from geo-restricted areas. It is good to verify that your chosen package allows you to access such sites without being flagged or blocked.


many proxy types could be susceptible to a lost connection, which could slow your access to services. You want to ensure that you are using a residential server that is reliable for all your online needs.

Whatever your needs are, you want to use a residential proxy that is favorable to you. It will help you safely mask your IP address.

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