3 Unhyped Ways To Increase Average Order Value Of Your Ecommerce Store


It might be easier to increase the amount of traffic and number of conversions on your e-commerce website. However, increasing the average order value (AOV)? It is no less than hitting a ball in the hole, that too in a single stroke.

Now, imagine, that tussle over and over again for every customer. This comes down to knowing the key to improving your average order value. You may have heard of plenty of ideas to increase AOV. Or let’s say different ways to persuade your customers to add more (expensive) items.

But above all, what takes over the fair share of all these hyped ideas are these 3 golden rules.

1. Make and Keep Your ‘Customers’ Happy

Customer happiness is all about satisfaction. Like how they feel when interacting with your brand. How do they perceive the overall shopping experience after engaging with your brand!

89% of customers switch to a competitor, after receiving a poor customer experience, according to a study from Harris Interactive.

On the other hand, customers with very good experience are 3.5x more likely to make a repeated purchase.

Customer satisfaction comes from three things that encourage repeat purchases:

  • When you show them you care, you really care
  • When you build an emotional relationship
  • When you anticipate their needs and interests

So, take time out to craft strategies that make your customers feel valued, not just their purchases.

This will eventually increase their lifetime value with your brand. As opposed to the regular customers who casually come and shop without any emotional brand connection.

Here are some of the ways that melt your customer’s shopping-heart sentiments:

Talk to them and listen

Give them rapid response through- Live chats, 24/7 email support, and real-time shopping assistance.

Connect with them personally

Understand your customers’ needs. Send them personalized (up-sell and cross-sell) emails, show items that they might want to buy next, and educate them about the latest trends.

A little extra is always good

Offers like free shipping, member discount, and loyalty programs during checkouts induce more purchases.

Indeed, this is a long-term and personalized strategy that will never go out of fashion.

2. Create Value In Your Customer’s Buying Experience

The more value you give to your customers, the more they will spend on your company.  This comes easily after understanding the above point of making customers happier.

Happiness comes only when you deliver value. And when a happy customer contributes the most revenue to your business, the customer lifetime value (CLV) increases further.

As a result of this increased customer satisfaction and CLV, it helps companies in experiencing more AOV and more revenue.

So, this brings down the question of how to add customer value to their entire buying experience?

Let’s discuss some sticky ways that entice customers and satisfy them by adding value to their shopping journey:

  • Include bundled product discounts
  • Create special new offers
  • Create a loyalty program
  • Create a contest
  • Give free product trials
  • Reward on birthdays, anniversaries
  • Include payment options like EMIs, pay-later services
  • Include product insurances and warranties during checkout
  • Provide free shipping for your regular customers

3. Create A Personalized Experience To Increase Customer Pool With High AOV

As said earlier, go beyond simply selling products. Let your customers experience the most pampered treatment. Right from product search to shipping protection.

Make the buying journey effortless, safe, secure and a no-brainer. These individually personalized product experiences help dramatically increase the average order value.

This is evidenced by statistics from Epsilon, the report shows around 80% of prospects are likely to buy from e-commerce brands that offer personalized experiences. In fact, 85% of them expect personalized communication from brands, according to data from Evergage.

People find personalization more appealing. They are ten times more likely to be valuable customer and shop three times more frequently.

You can add personalization to your e-commerce store effectively by taking actions like:

  • Sending them personalized emails designed around their product preferences and choices.
  • Recommend them products that they either visited earlier or might want to purchase, as per their past buying behavior.
  • Tailor special campaigns based on their brackets of search choices and pricing.
  • A “Help me Find” section that enables shoppers to find the exact product they are looking for.
  • A personal assistant bot can even do wonders by promising to assist them in finding a product most suited for them.

Apart from the above stated, you should also try making your brand presence go global. This can be done by shipping worldwide.

But, make sure, in the process of international shipping, customers hate paying hefty charges for shipping parcels. Adds to the misery even more, if the package gets lost or damaged in the shipping process.

For contemplating such situations, you can provide free shipping and cover insurance for international parcels. This gives customers an added sense of relief with full satisfaction.

 Bonus Tip: How An AI-Powered E-Commerce Product Can Help?

AI-powered e-commerce apps and web products are designed to automatically offer shoppers highly relevant product recommendations. These recommendations are derived from the users’ past purchasing behavior, browsing history, and buying patterns.

This turbocharger AI-powered e-commerce product improves the brand’s cross-selling and up-selling strategies and pushes up their Average Order Values.

In addition, these AI tools have data processing capabilities that help sales reps to better understand their customers, analyze their complex behavior, provide optimized solutions, and increase conversions.

The AI product is supercharged with clever chatbots that guides customers through the entire sales funnel round the clock. The conversational bots behave as super friendly shopping assistants that give perfect product recommendations and responses in real-time.

The future of e-commerce is AI. From product discovery to purchase to repeat purchase- it’s hyper-personalization that keeps fueling the shopping journey seamlessly.

Of which, increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and higher ROI and revenue are the direct by-products.

Ready to increase average order value AOV? Get ready for a power-packed e-commerce website and app development that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide hyper-personalized customer experiences.

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