10 Best Apps to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

Have your finances taken a big hit due to the pandemic? Are you looking forward to cutting back on all non-essential expenses? The best way would be to cancel pay-TV, expensive streaming websites, or other video services you subscribe to. With the desperate times call for desperate measures; you would look forward to spending a significant length of time at home despite the beginning of the un-lockdown process.

Apps to Watch TV Shows Online- Free & Paid

You would need engaging content to keep you and your family entertained. Consider making the most of several hours of movies and TV shows streamed free.

1. Tubi TV

The top-rated free streaming service offers a great choice of TV shows and movies. You would get thousands of TV shows and movies, content search according to desired genre and actors, fewer advertisements, builds a custom queue for TV shows and movies.

It also offers weekly addition of the latest TV shows and movies, and the capability to continue watching TV shows and movies where you left off.

2. Pluto TV

This great streaming app to watch tv shows online is free. Installing the app would make you enjoy watching more than 100 live TV channels. Moreover, you would have the option of choosing a movie of a TV show from a huge gallery of suggested 1000+ video files. It would offer you a great collection of on-demand films and 17 unique movie channels.

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This single app is an alternative to several other options offering films and channels suitable for all users. You would enjoy a wide variety of genres. The multifunctional app is highly user-friendly.

3. Sony Crackle

Watch TV Shows Online

For free TV and movies, you should invest in Sony Crackle. The app has become highly popular with the people for offering a wide variety of TV shows and numerous top-films just a click away. The TV shows and movies would be either all-time favorites or fresh hits.

You would also get a watch later list, weekly added latest TV shows, and movies, the capability to watch from where you left off on any device, and powerful filter genres like comedy, documentary, action, drama, and more. The excellent TV shows of the app and movie selection would please you largely.

4. SnagFilms

Have you been searching for the app having a wide and great collection of TV Shows? Rest assured that SnagFilms is the right choice for you. Installation of the app would help you watch complete-episodes and full-season TV Shows free of charge.

The app offers numerous films of various genres. Apart from the several benefits offered by the app, you could make the most of 17 categories for movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

It also offers you in-app sharing with Twitter and Facebook. You would get the ability to continue watching from where you left off on any device, creating your queues of TV shows and movies, video synchronization between different devices, and search movies and TV shows by topic, genre, and run-time.

5. New Terrarium TV

Installation of the New Terrarium TV would make you access unlimited TV shows and movies free. The app would help you watch the latest and all-time favorite videos free. The app suggests these videos in different genres. The app supports high-quality content.

The unique feature of New Terrarium TV is its capability to download movies and TV shows on your mobile phone. It would help you watch the content as and when you wish to. However, the only drawback would be the app is unavailable for iOS device users.

6. Box of Movies Show & TV Shows

Watch TV Shows Online

Installation of the app caters to you with a great library of TV shows and movies. For people unable to decide what to watch, choosing from the top-rated and popular, new releases opening in the week, and the upcoming new movies soon to be in cinemas would spoil you for the choice of options.

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You could also set a filter and search by genre, title, or keyword. It would be relatively easier for the app to locate a movie or free online TV show. The feature would also avoid browsing the net to learn more about the content.

Yet another benefit of Box of Movies Show & TV Shows would be its capability to download TV shows and movies directly from the app. It is an all-in-one app without any advertisements.

7. Bobby Box – Watch TV Shows Online Free

Bobby Box is an excellent app for watching TV shows online for free. You would have the freedom of choice of opening the app anywhere and choosing what you wish to see. You would be required to filter the movies by genre, type, rating, and year of release. The app helps you enjoy the video in HD quality without any advertisements.

Moreover, you would have a chance to watch TV shows and movies in foreign languages. The app offers precise subtitles to help you understand the movies better. The app would help you download TV shows and movies free. You would have the newest hits readily available on the app.

8. Popcorn Time

Watch TV Shows Online

The app has a big library comprising several TV shows and movies. You would be satisfied with a wide variety of genres ranging from romance, action, comedy, detective, adventure, and more. The app offers huge information suitable for your specific needs.

You would be able to watch the latest trailers, movie resumes, reviews, and more. Simultaneously, you would be able to gain access to a big database of breaking show business news. Therefore, if you were interested in gossips about stars, consider installing the app.

9. Viki

The app emphasizes Asian TV shows, movies, and TV series. Viki has several benefits inclusive of information about TV shows or movies, reviews, episodes, and comments. Another advantage offered by the app would be that you could choose among the famous, top-rated, and recently added content.

It enables you to add subtitles in several languages for easy to understand and a great watching experience. Despite the entire content being Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you could also find some Indian, Canadian, American, and other TV series.

10. USTVNOW– For Free Online TV Shows

Watch TV Shows Online

It is primarily a popular TV streaming app in the US. You could use the app for watching documentaries, information channels, BBC, CNN International, CNN US, and more.

Rest assured that USTVNOW has a wide user-base. You could update the content from channels and save for later viewing. The features of USTVNOW would be inclusive of user-friendly UI, smart search bar, favorite tab option, top-notch content, news centered app, regular updates, and bug fixes.

The above mentioned list of apps could easily replace your TV. These apps would broaden your circle of information with several things to offer. Download and try these apps to explore contemporary television watching experience.

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