Types Of Speed Signs: What You Need to Know?

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Speed signs have become very important nowadays and the more people are following the signs, the more safe and secure the roads will remain. The importance and function of following the speed limit are both sided:

Types Of Speed Signs

It offers information to the drivers regarding the type of road environment, the frequency of any hazard and the maximum speed you can have when you are driving in clear condition.

If you are an observant driver, you can work much of this out for yourself but the speed limit that is properly set allows you to remain convenient and safe.

If you are on an inappropriate or unsafe limit where the road can indicate one thing and the signs tell you a different story, this can lead to confusion and risk while driving.

It lets you differentiate the better and safe drivers with the prosecuting ones who prefer travelling at an inappropriate speed that can cause harm to other users.

In this case, a speeding charge is an effect for such risky situations which generally ends up by any legal precedent.

There are different types of message signs that are set by the authorities to ensure proper safety of the drivers:

1. Variable Message Signs:

This is one of the most important aspects in the system of traffic management that issues a notice or a type of warning information on the variable message display. This will guide other drivers to pay attention to the traffic rules.

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2. Mobile VMS:

The LED enabled mobile VMS signs help in increasing the traffic safety and reduces the road mishaps such as accidents, road works or traffic jams. The product ranges from road maintenance vehicles, complete warning trailers and Mobile variable message signs.

3. Speed Limit Sign:

The variable speed limit signs can be used on highways, tunnels, motorway bridges etc and the main purpose of this sign is to control the traffic speed, optimize the flow of traffic and reduce the jams. It also helps in slowing down the speed on main traffic lines and perk up the safety factory.

4. Radar speed limit sign:

Radar speed signs are used to remind the driver to slow down in the road so that their safety can be assured. The series of traffic information regarding the traffic scenes are displayed that includes traffic scenes from residential, urban or rural areas.

5. Car Park Sign:

The LED parking signs provides a series of real time information and dynamic display system for car parking so as to complete the car parking system and signs.

The LED car park vms can help in displaying the car park occupancy as well as the space available to the public which is appropriate for places like shopping malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, airports, railway stations etc.

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6. LED Lane Signal:

The lane signal is used for closing the tunnel, bridges, and expressways at the time of any accident. It reduces the occurrence of accidents and ensures safety of drivers. It makes sure that they are safe and protected.

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