Top Ten Best Torrent Sites for Movies

Many people prefer the torrent websites to download content and designed for the base of file-sharing technology. It is the process of a user to installing with a torrent client on their computer, accessing files and downloading movies, TV shows, games and other types of content. Torrent sites have gained lots of popularity in recent years along with its fair shares.

It helps to connect the users and share their files rather than being dependent on one single website. It acts with the peer-peer method of mini-server that can significantly reduce the network loads.

Top Ten Torrenting Websites

Are you planning to choose the best torrent site for your needs? Here we have mentioned the top 10 torrent sites that will give the best knowledge for your searches. You can choose anyone in it but kindly move down and understand the knowledge of different sites before choosing the best one.

1. The Pirate Bay

best torrent sites

Year founded: 2003

Monthly active users: 106.08 million

The pirate bay is one of the most famous torrent search sites among others on the internet. It gets plenty of attention from the federal authorities with the law of enforcement. So it prevents the contents with a safe and secure process. And it also kept the information from popping up on different domains.

Plenty of useful programs, applications, e-books, movie series and documentaries are available on this site for free. It offers the fast download speed depending on the speed of your internet connection. You can get this software for free anywhere on the web and through its website.

The pirate bay site will host with the hundreds of torrent files of different categories and make it among the best sites for everything.

2. YTS

Year founded: 2010

Monthly active users: 118.6 million

YTS is the top choice for the safest torrent sites for movies with the best selections. It will be designed to fill the gap should be left by the motion pictures. You can get all the latest releases from these sites with having the varying levels of quality such as HD and Blu-ray titles. It makes the user interface easier to navigate easily.

It has been making a great addition to the torrent world and providing the high-quality movies. YTS site is mainly focused on providing movies with the best track to torrents with HD quality and small size. It is a more popular site on online with more than 120 million unique visitors to the platform for every month.

3. Eztv

best torrent sites

Year founded: 2005

Monthly active users: 42.26 million

It is one of the most important torrent websites that have been through with the numerous changes in the past. Now it is currently stable and working with many users. In this site, you are able to filter movies and TV shows and improve the quality of video and more.

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You are able to find the latest uploads and documentaries from eztv that are available for download. This site will fill with the more contents and pop-up ads but the quality of the torrent is superb and the content library is extraordinary.

4. Zooqle

Year founded: 2013

Monthly active users: 14.53 million

Zooqle is the newcomer site in the torrent scene; it is one of the most impressive offerings. It has a huge database of TV shows and movies. This site is specially designed in the minds of user-interface.

It has more filters through your results by category and searches the title you want. This site can fetch with the different sites and make the clutter-free downloads easily without having any hassle.

5. Magnetdl – Best Torrent Website

Year founded: 2021

Monthly active users: 9.56 million

Magnetdl is one of the most popular means of downloading in the torrent sites. It has a massive collection of magnet download links. It helps in transferring the quick data with an effortless condition. It would be an excellent choice for identifying the best content in the files that are using with cryptographic hashing instead of the actual location of the file.

6. Torlock

best torrent sites

Year founded: 2010

Monthly active users: 7.9 million

Torlock is the best platform making your choice with the best and most impressive torrenting websites. It will help to navigate the platform for simple with categories and provide the easy subcategories with the direction to your favorite torrents. Torlock site can make an excellent job of keeping the uploads safe and clean.

7. PCgamestorrents – Torrent Search Site

Year founded: 2018

Monthly active users: 10.56 million

It is one of the top ten torrenting sites for torrent gamers that have every title that you can imagine. It has every title that you can dream of playing. This site had the latest uploaded games from the top torrent sites like spy-crack, skid row etc.

8. Idope

Year founded: 2016

Monthly active users: 18 million

It is one of the most relevant torrent search site for the newcomer to the torrent space. An iDope torrent file is commonly available on online resources and also in site. It has an excellent feature with the mobile integration which makes it easy to download with the torrents onto your mobile device. It is well-known for carrying the most in-demand torrents on today.

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9. Kick-Ass Torrents

best torrent sites

Year founded: 2016

Monthly active users: 14.74 million

Kickass torrent has a massive library of torrents with an equally large community. This user has verified with the individual files that are included with the torrents, screenshots of videos, album arts etc.

particularly it should be made a wide selection of movies and TVs stood outs. It is one of the most impressive sites to the users. Because it does not have any annoying ads and pop-ups, so you need not spend your bit of time with navigating around. It is easy to make a judgment about the safe torrents and which one is easy to use.


Year founded: 2008

Monthly active users: 90.36 million

This torrent site has a legacy extending system which means it has an archive of the content. RARBG has shuffles with the plenty of genres from movies and series software and games etc.

The torrent site is one of the excellent standout sites for new HD movie releases. It is easy to use and download the content at the proper time limit and a hybrid between both public and private torrent sites.

But it is more secure and safe rather than other torrents. It also has a more personalized experience with the home page and helps to find the new torrents on the site.

The Bottom Line:

Torrent sites are referred to as the sharing network which helps to share the files throughout a decentralized and peer-peer process. It allows users to exchange the files without uploading to the server.

These sites have to become a hub for digital pirates and infringers. It is more useful for syncing large chunks of files and sharing it with the own of rights. It also helps to share large images and documents to the public safely to download easily.

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