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It is hard running a B2B business, even for the most experienced CEOs in the world. To run a B2B business entails to attract new business, finance issues, and to hire employees. Several things can cause problems in a day.

8 B2B Mobile Apps for Business

If you are moving from one meeting to the next, it can be hard to keep track of everything taking place in your business. However, if you know where to find the B2B mobile app, it could be more accessible.  Here are some helpful B2B mobile apps that will help you run your business.

1. Asana

For project management, you need to have the Asana B2B mobile app. It is available for each and every device. Therefore, it helps anyone in your team to remain organized and productive! This app enables you to assign duties to the team member via email addresses.

Besides, it helps create the whole project with the due dates, alerts, and subtask of the relevant workers. That way, it will help you remain on the top of everything happening in your business premises!

2. Google Analytic App

Do you have an online website for your business? Then it would help if you had an analysis software. It will help you to track everything right on the website. The Google analytic app is an excellent solution to your business. It helps analyze all your business data so that your firm runs smoothly.

In the past, Google didn’t help much. Upon the introduction of the Google Analytics app, it became helpful. You can get the audience insight, conversions, behavior, acquisition data, and real-time! While using the internet, business people.

3. Hootsuite

Social media is essential for B2B business owners. Any B2B company has an in-house or agency-based social media marketing. It helps deal with matters regarding marketing. If you have a smaller business, it is hard going through your social media accounts.

Yet you have to manage your business. Hootsuite app came up to help you solve these problems. It is attached to your desktop version and helps monitor your relevant social media accounts. It is a must-have app for any business that wants to stay on top of the game. This is because it helps your target customer understand your company.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

This is an app that gathers all the relevant news and interests of your firm. It collects vital information, great content and offers it to the manager quicker. The business manager is in full control of the feed.

They are aware as you pick and select relevant sources and influencers to follow. It is good to follow influencer that shares the same field as yourself. The LinkedIn pulse allows you to join the company’s ongoing conversation to keep track of the trend. It is a reliable method to see the trend across the world on your market line.

5. Salesforce Mobile

For an excellent B2B business, it must have a CRM to help enhance your sales. In addition, it will improve your profit. The Salesforce app is a beautiful app that offers you with stable CRM. You have to have it to help you put everything into place. It is suitable for both the desktop version and the mobile version. It allows your B2B owner to ensure their business remains profitable. That means you will have an increase in your sales.

6. Google Drive

This app allows you and your team’s files to be safe and accessible. It keeps them safe regardless of your location. The file type can be either design, photos, charts, recordings, documents, etc. Google Drive offers you free 15 GB of free storage. It can connect to unlimited coworkers.

It will allow them to access their relevant files. People can see, download, and team up on any file that they want. This is because teamwork is easier. The good thing with this app is that you can access the data from any device. Your location remains a non-issue.

It doesn’t matter whether you use a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Any of the devices is a perfect fit to manage your business, whether you are away from your physical office or within.

7. Flipboard

As a B2B business owner, keeping up with new is hard. You are likely to lag on checking your favorable publication. It can be a problem in case there is breaking news about your business. You could miss a good chance to capitalize on it via PR initiatives. The best way to solve this issue is to get this app by downloading it on your device.

It will help you gather important content. You can get content from social media networks, blogs, articles, videos, and other format content. When using the Flipboard for the first time, you need to subscribe to the topics that interest you. It will ensure the app gives you the relevant content that you need.

8. Evernote

It is essential to keep a note on all things you do in your business. Evernote app helps you pen down all your thought and crucial information. It gives you a chance to employ an assistant when you are absent. But, if you are a business owner who loves to travel while keeping a check on your firm, this app is helpful.

It helps you write all the notes you require. It allows you to clip web articles, images of the handwritten, photos, and any other kind of content. You can even search through your pictures and any hidden content within your written or pictures. It helps you find everything with ease.


The use of mobile B2B apps is growing popular. It is because most of the workplaces have turned digital. Every workplace has high-end tech-savvy workers. Perhaps over 70% of all the B2B queries are done via smartphones today. Several businesses leverage mobile phones to increase their sales.

Although many risks come with it, indulging these apps can get your company to success. Mobile apps and a successful business go hand in hand. You need to focus on trendy B2B mobile apps to understand their usage. It will help create a worthy trust relationship. It could be with your other business partners. You need to ensure all is well as you focus on your company.

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