Top 6 Best Kodi Alternatives You Can Use Right Now

Unarguably, Kodi offers many noteworthy improvements in playback and many other stunning features for users. But that doesn’t mean that Kodi is the only way out to stream your favorite movies. There are many other software do exist that can deliver more robust media watching experience than Kodi. We are listing here six best kodi alternatives that you can start using right now.

6 Best Alternatives to Kodi

1. Plex: Free Kodi Alternative

Best Kodi Alternatives

Plex comes on top in the list of top Kodi alternatives. It’s as powerful as Kodi and ensures same level of smooth entertainment.

On specs front, Plex shows off striking similarities with Kodi. The only downside of the gadget is that it offers only normal features with free version. In order to access the premium Kodi feature, you need to buy its paid subscriptions.

Another difference between Plex and Kodi is that Kodi media player runs locally while Plex works on a server-client model. Moreover, Kodi’s user interface is also not impressive and quite dull if compared with Plex. So, if you’re looking for options to receive Kodi like experience, we will recommend Plex.

2. Stremio: Feature Packed best Kodi Alternartive

Best Kodi Alternatives

Meet our second contestant in the list of top Kodi alternatives 2019. Stremio is also a digital media players with lot of awe-inspiring and useful features. In terms of usability and features, Stremio can easily beat Kodi.

The digital media player lets users stream videos in high quality and also supports casting, subtitles in each video. It also notifies about new and upcoming shows and episodes.

With Stremio, users are allowed to create a personal library to store their favorite movies and tv shows they want to watch time and again. Since the features and functions in Stremio are similar to Kodi, you won’t face any trouble in running Stremio. The app comes with additional add-ons that users can download to stream their favorite content.

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 3. Mediaportal: Open Source Alternatives to Kodi

Best Kodi Alternatives

In case you are exploring a Kodi alternative for your Windows device, Mediaportal won’t disappoint you. Mediaportal is basically an open source media center that comes loaded with stunning features.

With plenty of plug-ins, skins and add-ons to customize its look and feel, Mediaportal can turn your PC into a complete media solution. This amazing Kodi alternative packs an impressive range of feature including watch, schedule and record live TV. It also allows users to stream media to any PC connected to your network as well.

4. Emby: Kodi Replacement with Parental Controls

Emby is a superb Kodi alternative that comes with unbeatable parental control in its media player. Emby gives you a Plex like look and feel. It’s a server-client model that lets users play media files stored on the cloud as well as on other servers.

As stated, parental controls are USP of this Kodi alternative. Using Emby add-ons and apps, users can enhance their media watching experience. If asked, we will recommend Emby as the one of the 5 best Kodi alternatives.

5. Infuse: Free Kodi Alternatives with Better UX

Best Kodi Alternatives

In case you are looking at software to stream your video and media on Apple TV, Infuse is the option. This Kodi alternative allows you having awesome live TV and media watching experience. Infuse boasts of its cool and exciting user interface and user experience that turns it into the best streaming software for Apple TV.

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The worth mentioning features of the software include ability to bring together streaming content spread over different locations, excellent spotlight search and cool filters for customizing Infuse interface.

6. Kokotime: Best Kodi Alternative 2019

Best Kodi Alternatives

This is our next recommendation for top Kodi alternative. If you’re reluctantly using Kodi to stream media and videos on Android device, go and check Kokotime.

It’s probably the best Kodi alternative to watch your favorite videos on your Android smartphone. The app packs high end features including Universal cast and video player side drawer to make the experience more worthwhile.

The software comes packed with a Chro mecast remote that lets users casting content to Chromecast from within the app. The software also supports Add-ons to allow you upload media from a local server or a public media service.

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