Top 5 Free Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes

Android Q, the finest operating system by Google is here. Besides other features and utilities it’s packed with, Android Q brings the most awaited dark mode feature with it. Read on our list of 5 best free Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes that you can install and enjoy.

Best Dark Themes for Huawei/Honor (EMUI 9)

We are listing here 5 Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes that you can download and install. Dark mode will be a welcome move by the users who just hated its material design and stark white backgrounds. But stock Android users are still waiting for dark mode feature in their smartphones.

1. Dark EMUI 9 Theme for Huawei/Honor

Top 5 Best Free Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes

We are starting the list with Dark EMUI 9 Theme for Huawei/Honor. The good thing is that it’s the best dark theme for EMUI 9 Huawei/Honor, but the downside- it’s paid. This means you have to pay a few bucks to install and use the theme on your phone.

When checked, we found that the theme isn’t the completely black one. Instead, it mostly uses dark gray backgrounds. The wallpapers available with the theme were of the same color and contained slightly lighter gradient.

The theme packs all the standard icons premium third-party apps like Spotify, Hike, Messenger, Facebook, Discord, etc. However, we push the theme for many reasons. The theme allows both the stock Huawei apps and popular third-party apps such as WhatsApp.

2: Guardian EMUI 9 Theme

5 Best Free Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes

This is our second Dark EMUI 9 Theme for Huawei/Honor. Its granular design and elegant eye view will certainly impress you. As the name suggest, the Guardian EMUI 9 Theme is inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy sci-fi adventure.

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The theme comprises AMOLED friendly Guardians of the Galaxy wallpaper and comes with a less black background. This is the same background all other stock Huawei apps come with.

OS-XS EMUI 9.0 Theme

Free Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Themes

The name leaves no doubt that our next theme is an Apple-inspired theme. The theme packs elements that probably taken a cue from the macOS and iOS operating systems. While using the theme, we felt that the black backgrounds of the theme looks pretty cool than how it looked in the dark mode when used on macOS.

OS-XS EMUI 9.0 dark themes are ultimately a powerful choice for the Huawei battery in case of AMOLED displays with their truly black backgrounds.

The theme didn’t shy from using colors in the app and settings icons. You can also see a slight touch of blue accent color which suits the background quite well.

4: Gradient EMUI 5/8/9 Theme

This is our fourth Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Theme. The great thing about this Gradient theme is that it offers true black backgrounds and ideal for UI elements such as the number pad in the dialer, icons inside stock Huawei apps, etc.

Huawei Honor EMUI 9 Dark Theme packs a pretty decent set of icons that are colorful and created with outlines. These outlines are created with different gradients. The icons are unarguably the best part of the theme. But they sometime appear scattered in absence of good wallpaper.

Another downside with the app is that it does not mix well with other third-party apps.

G-Pix [Android Q] Dark EMUI 8/5/9 Theme

As name suggests, G-Pix is a Google Pixel-driven beautiful theme for EMUI 9/8/5. Despite having scattered whitish look, its dark backgrounds put the theme in the list of top dark themes for G-Pix Huawei and Honor devices.

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Unlike many dark EMUI themes I tried and tested, G-Pix [Android Q] Dark EMUI 8/5/9 theme is the only theme that comes with decently built and pretty beautiful icons set.

The theme appears to be a great mix of dark and light shaded colors. This makes the theme a cool choice. The only downside with the theme is that it doesn’t hold true black backgrounds. It isn’t completely black. But it hardly makes any difference when used with Huawei and Honor devices with LCD displays.

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