Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses (Updated)

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Calendar apps are helping us to organize our life and business with many features embedded into it. These calendar applications make our lives easier by allowing us scheduling events, marking reminders and organizing business meetings.

Best Free Calendar Apps 2019

Finding out the best among the calendar apps available is tedious and time consuming. We are therefore listing here top 10 best calendar apps that you can install from the respective play stores.

1: Today Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

Let’s start the list with our first calendar app, Today calendar. This is quite easy and user friendly calendar app. You will surely like its decent material design and beautiful build.

The calendar app offers a delightful experience with its bold colors, simple controls, and great functionality.

Being a lightweight calendar app, the app consumes less memory space. If all you need is a simple app with standard calendar features, Today calendar is all yours.

2. SolCalendar : Best Calendar Apps

Calendar Apps for Businesses

If frankly asked, SolCalendar is much more than just a calendar app. The application bundles basic calendar functionalities along with other advanced features such as weather forecast and more.

This calendar app offers seamless support for Google Calendar, widgets and Foursquare. Besides, the standard calendar features and utilities, the SolCalendar brings forth eye-catching widgets, smart stickers, and integrated weather reports in a beautiful UI.

3. Jorte Calendar App

10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

Meet Jorte Calendar, our third best calendar app for businesses in the list. This is one of the most downloaded calendar apps from Google Play store.

The app comes packed with many noted features and several configuration options. The app can be customized using many design alternatives available with the app.

Users can control the display of the calendar entries. They can adjust the entries sorted by month, week, or day (by hours). The app lets users perform key operations conveniently including picking the desired date, using task bars, and setting reminders.

In addition to all the standard features that app comes with, it packs a special cloud service called Jorte Cloud. The service lets users synchronize calendars, schedules, and task lists on multiple devices.

To make the best use of the app, you can import calendar data from Google Calendar as well.

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Jorte Calendar has an in-built Jorte store that consists of styles and icons. You can buy these icons to personalize the calendar.

4. Google Calendar App for Android

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

Google Calendar is Google’s official Calendar app comes installed with most Android devices. The app is used and appreciated by millions across the globe.

Google Calendar app for Android packs a slew of stunning features including a material Design, advanced event features, direct integration into other Google services and Exchange support.

If you’re a looking for a free and reliable Android Calendar app, no one can beat Google Calendar.

5. DigiCal Calendar : Best Calendar Apps with Better UX

DigiCal Calendar app is known for its material design. The app can offer users all standard calendar features they need.

Using the app, users can synchronize all your calendars and view them in multiple ways.

Besides many of the standard features of a calendar app, the application put forth seamless support for Google Calendar and Outlook.

Last but not the least, the DigiCal Android Calendar app can show weather forecast for three days.

6. Calendar Widget: Month

If you want to use a calendar widget instead of a full-fledged calendar app, you can install Calendar widget: Month.

The Calendar Widget: Month app perfectly complies with modern user’s need of a calendar app.

Besides having all the standard calendar features in place, the app can offer you over 80 themes available through its themes library.

The app packs a beautiful material design and boasts of its perfectly tuned themes. App’s widget window shows off one calendar month with the ability to navigate previous and next months.

If you’re looking for user-friendly and affordable calendar to plan your tasks and affairs for one month, you must give this calendar app a try.

7. CalenGoo Calendar App

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

CalenGoo is the next in our top 10 best calendar apps for businesses. The USP of the app is its extended functionality, easy navigation, and stability altogether.

The interface design of the app may appear old but that doesn’t deter the app from being effective. The application offers a variety of settings, colors, and events to help users organize their personal and professional lives.

The app lets you pick from varied range of design options and adjust interface as per the requirements.

The CalenGoo calendar app offers support for Evernote and Google Calendar and is compatible with Android devices. The CalenGoo app also send reminders to users.

8. Business Calendar

Business Calendar app is mostly used for business purpose than for personal use. The app packs with different modes with wide configuration capabilities.

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The app can display a default view mode by months and mark events different colors for quicker event tracking. Users can adjust Display modes/ sorting by month, day, year, or events as per the needs arise.

Using the app, users can set a multi-day viewing mode. As the name implies, the feature lets users see the things for next few days.

Application’s day display mode allows hourly scheduling. Its schedule mode provides a detailed schedule for a single event.

9. Cal Calendar

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

The Cal Calendar app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app packs impressive functionality and well-thought-out design.

The app comes packed with a range of noteworthy features including support for Exchange and Google Calendar, widgets, voice recording, and many more.

Cal Calendar is easy to use, simple and fast. The app can automatically add contacts and Geolocation data depending on the name of the event. The app also lets users import your lists and entries.

10. aCalendar

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps 2019

aCalendar is another top notch best calendar app for Android  for the users. The app grabs all praise for its appealing design, easy navigation, and amazing functionalities.

In addition to the standard calendar features, the aCalendar app offers color schemes, different types of demonstrations, different widgets and moon phases.

Furthermore, the app boasts of its easy-to-navigate interface and three display options.  You can switch between the display modes of the month, week and day by scrolling from side to side.

Top 10 Best Free Calendar Apps

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I understand your article is being updated? This is a very cool, fresh application. It is interesting to know your opinion about Weeek, I heard a lot about him lately. They say a convenient and flexible scheduler. I can’t find the time to try it myself.

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