Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses in 2022 (Updated)

Calendar apps help to organize our day to tasks and boost productivity.  Thanks to the many real-time date tracking feature it comes packed with. These apps let users schedule events, mark reminders, and organize crucial business meetings.

Besides having the basic features, some apps also offer advanced abilities as well such as calendar sharing or task management.

The best thing with these calendar apps is that they are compatible across devices and help you plan your schedules without missing a thing.

If you have just created an entry to your calendar app on mobile, you can later review or edit it on your desktop computer or laptop. A user who is hunting for a calendar app online usually looks for the following features in the app:  

  • Ability to share events and schedules with colleagues and family members.
  • Customization feature to personalize everything as per needs.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Universal sync across desktop, mobile, and tablet

Best & Free Calendar Apps

It’s time taking process to find the right calendar app for your needs. We have therefore listed here ten apps for your perusal. We have done a thorough research and compared their pros and cons before shortlisting them. The list comprises both free and paid calendar apps.

1: Today Calendar

Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

The ‘Today Calendar app is our first app on this list. It has an innovative and user-friendly interface with a decent material design. With its bold colors, simple controls, and great functionality, the app ensures a delightful user experience.

It’s a lightweight app and consumes less memory space. This is an Android calendar app with all the necessary features a default calendar app should have.

The app allows you to switch between different views namely the daily, weekly, and monthly views. It’s easy to add, edit and delete an appointment, event, or schedule on the app. Even if you’re looking for a Google Calendar alternative, this app will not disappoint you.

2. SolCalendar : Best Calendar Apps

Calendar Apps for Businesses

SolCalendar is much more than just a calendar app. The app is packed with a slew of basic and advanced calendar features such as weather forecasts and more. It offers quick support for Google Calendar, widgets, and Foursquare.

Some of the unique features of SolCalendar are eye-catching widgets, smart stickers, and integrated weather reports in a beautiful UI. The App gives you the ability to synch up to your Google Calendar account and create your own Google Tasks account. Some of the noteworthy features of the SolCalendar are:

  • configurable widgets
  • Syncs to the cloud
  • Smooth scroll and zoom
  • Event attendee Management
  • Includes maps
  • Supports widgets

3. Jorte Calendar App

10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

Jorte Calendar is our third app on the list. It’s the most downloaded calendar app on the Google Play store. The app offers several striking features, configuration as well as customization options.

Users can control the display of calendar entries. They can also adjust the entries organized by month, week, or day (by hours). The app lets users perform key operations including picking the desired date, using taskbars, and setting reminders.

Its exclusive feature called Jorte Cloud lets users synchronize calendars, schedules, and task lists on multiple devices. You can also import calendar data from Google Calendar as well.

  • Outlook® Calendar integration
  • Frequently used events
  • Secrete calendar ・ Passcode Lock
  • Customization / Toolbar settings

4. Google Calendar App for Android

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

It’s Google’s official Calendar app that comes pre-installed with Android devices. The app has an eye-catching material design, advanced event features, direct integration into other Google services, and Exchange support.  

You can easily integrate Google Calendar with other Google apps. So, when you add an event, it’ll suggest names, locations, and contact details when you add events. Being a Google app, it can also scan Gmail for emails containing event information. Following are some noteworthy features of the app:

  • Schedule meeting rooms
  • Simplified appointment slots tool
  • See more with a year view
  • Find anything with advanced search
  • Track time with a world clock
  • Create different calendars
  • Attach files
  • Synchronize video calling apps

5. DigiCal Calendar : App with Better UX

Like other similar apps in the list, DigiCal Calendar app comes with a material design and all the standard features of a default calendar app. You can also sync all the calendars and view them in form of day, week, month, and year. Other notable features of the app are its support for Google Calendar and Outlook.

6. Calendar Widget: Month

Calendar widget: Month is a very useful tool. If you want to use a calendar widget instead of a full-fledged calendar app you can install, you can go with it. The widget has all the required features of a standard calendar app.

Its theme library has 80+ beautiful themes so that you can customize the widget as per your need. If you’re looking for a useful calendar to plan your tasks and affairs for one month, you must give this calendar widget a try.

7. CalenGoo Calendar App

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps

The USP of the CalenGoo calendar app is its extended functionality, easy navigation, and stability altogether. The interface of the app might appear old and outdated but that doesn’t deter the app from being effective.

The application offers a variety of settings, colors, and events to help users organize events and schedules. The app lets you pick from a varied range of design options and adjust the app interface as per the requirements.

The CalenGoo app supports Evernote and Google Calendar and is compatible with all Android devices.

8. Business Calendar

The business calendar app is used for business purposes than for personal use. The app offers different modes and configuration capabilities. The app has a default view mode and marks events in different colors for quick event tracking. Users can adjust display modes and sort the display by month, day, year, or events accordingly.

9. Cal Calendar

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Businesses

The Cal Calendar app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app packs impressive functionality and great design.

The app features several noteworthy calendar functions including support for Exchange and Google Calendar, widgets, voice recording, and more.

Cal Calendar is easy to use, simple and fast. The app can automatically add contacts and Geolocation data depending on the name of the event. The app also lets users import lists and entries.

10. aCalendar

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps 2019

aCalendar is another best calendar app for Android. It has an appealing design, easy navigation, and a list of amazing features. In addition to the standard calendar features, the aCalendar app features color schemes, different demonstrations,

widgets, and moon phases. The app offers an easy-to-navigate interface and three display options. You can switch between the display modes of the month, week and day by scrolling from side to side.

Free Calendar Apps: FAQs

How to share google calendar on the app?

  • Open Google Calendar on your computer.
  • Find the “My calendars” section on left.
  • Click the Down arrow to expand it
  • Hover over the calendar you want to share, click More More, and then Settings and sharing.
  • Under “Share with specific people,” click the link “Add people”.
  • Now add a person’s or Google group’s email address.
  • Use the drop-down menu to adjust their permission settings.
  • Click Send.

Is there a google calendar app for mac?

Yes, there is a google calendar app for mac. That means you can add Google Calendar events to your Apple calendar on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad devices. However, you should have the latest version of Apple Calendar and the latest Apple operating system installed on your computer.

How to create a calendar event in the Gmail app?

To create an event from Gmail, follow a very straightforward process:

  • In Gmail, open the email.
  • At the top, in the header below the search bar, click More. Create event.
  • Add details to your new event and click Save.
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