The Evolution of Typography on Web Designing

As a web designer, I always aspired to choose the best typography for my designs in order to convey an appropriate and thoughtful message to the viewer or reader.

If a reader is unable to perceive whatever you want them to say or to make them understand, then as a designer, you have failed, and that would be the biggest loss.

One of the significant issues that designers often face is to end up having a website of the same design that also gives a bad image. One should be limited in choosing the typography techniques to avoid repetition or plagiarism and as a web designer you should know how to make unique websites.

If you are a web designer, then you might have been gone through with such issues and concerns. If your website looks unique and attractive, then it will let people understand your theme or hidden message in a better way, which should be your ultimate aim.

Begin with Attentiveness

They say that practice makes a man perfect, yet if you keep on making the same mistakes every time, then how come you would be able to cover your faults.

Too many choices in a single design can give an awful image of the website, and the reader will end up confusing himself due to the excessive selection of designs and words. Isn’t it?

If you want to master yourself in Typography, then you should be cautious about each and every detail of a design incorporating Colors, Layout, Size, Font, Alignment, and so many other things. Still, confused?

Let’s get going with the topic as I am going to explain a full guide on the evolution of typography on web designing for better recognizing and acknowledgment.

Why Typography in Designs Matter?

Typography is an art of conveying your message or mood to the reader in a pertinent way. Right typography can enhance your visitors; on the hand, bad typography can decrease the amount of visitor because of not having a proper understanding of the website. It increases the readability factor, which is the main objective of Typography.

For a second, think about making a website without applying typography? No proper font selection, no ideal font size, unlimited white spacing and much more. It will make your website look worse. Hence to master yourself in the web designing field, one should brace themselves with all the tactics of right Typography.

Let’s enhance the importance of Typography by mentioning a few advantages or pros of it. The advantages of Right Typography are listed below:

  • It enhances the readability level and makes a better understanding of your website
  • Right typography increases your visitors, and as many people reach your site, you will get success.
  • It is user-friendly. It attracts the reader, and they would be able to conceive a special mood and feeling from your design.
  • Right typography reflects professionalism. It makes you look professional in your work that enhances your worth and demand. What can be best than this?
  • It builds harmony among the designer and reader. When your reader can perceive your message, then a special bond will be developed.

The Evolution of Typography on Web Designing

The main objective of creating a website is not how others perceive it; in fact, it depends on how a designer has conveyed the message to the readers. Let’s talk about the evolution that we have seen this year in Typography that enhances the understanding of the reader, and people better conceive your message.

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1- Be Cautious About Text Size

Many designers don’t bother how their text would appear on various mobile screens as we all know that everyone uses different mobiles of different screen sizes. On every screen, the text appears differently. Sometimes the screen is so small that people won’t even read your text that makes them move to the other website for all the obvious reasons.

As a designer, you should be responsible for everyone’s understanding. Before finalizing any text size, you should experience it on different mobile screens to get an accurate understanding. You have a wide range of fonts that would be the ideal choice in this regard. Make sure that the size that you have selected should be suitable for small screens too.

2- Choose Font Wisely

Now comes one of the significant factors that make your typography failed. Choosing a font for your design is a challenging task. As a designer, I would recommend you to try your hands on one of the exceptional and widely used font that is gotham font and the best thing is that Gotham font free will never fails to satisfy everyone.

Gotham font is a Sans Serif font that is being used for a long time by renowned public figures including Obama and various leading companies. Since its release, they have made multiple changes and include numerous properties to make it look more appealing and attractive, which is the main reason for its popularity. Various other fonts can be utilized according to the type of website that you have designed.

3- Utilize White Space Appropriately

Many people avoid using white space in the design by considering it a waste. However, you might have noticed that without giving space, how your design appears so messy and less appealing. Your designs also want some space for breathing. If you will put on the design altogether, then how come people will understand it?

Well, white spacing doesn’t mean that now you keep on giving space everywhere because that will also make your designs less striking and engaging.

A graphic designer should know where to provide white space and where to avoid giving space; only then he can master himself in all the tactics of Typography in an ideal way. These small mistakes make room for big issues. Better to avoid doing them.

It includes all types of spacing, incorporating line spacing, paragraph space, and all others.

4- Formatting of a Website

Proper formatting of the website is another crucial factor on which every designer should pay attention to. Choosing the right typeface is not enough; there are further other things that may affect the understanding of your design if not selected carefully. You should know where to make use of Caps and where to avoid it.

Moreover, the size of your text should depend on the font that you have selected. The background image or color is very delicate. Sometimes choosing so much bright background can spoil your design, and your front or base design can fade.

Having a proper background is very crucial. Hence these few things want your special observation. Make sure that your font color and background color should have a contrast. It will attract the reader.

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5- Be Consistent in Typography

Sometimes we experiment with various things in a single design that spoil everything. Whatever font you have chosen for your design, be consistent to it instead of experimenting with other fonts. Moreover, the text size and heading size should be the same in an entire composition. Whatever you have selected simply stick to it. Be consistent on it because consistency is always good.

Make a proper Typography Hierarchy and act on it throughout the design. Consistency is the critical element of the right typography. Even if you fail, at least you will get an experience for the future.

The mistakes that have made you failure should never be repeated in the future. Only designing a website is not your responsibility; a designer should apply various tactics in order to make it successful.

Types of Typography

Let’s have a look at a few types of typography that will make thing simple for you. It includes:

  1. Macro Typography
  2. Micro Typography

1. Macro Typography

Let’s start with the first type of typography, i.e. Macro Typography. Macro typography is liable for the adjustment of the typeface in the general format of the website structure. It is the course of action of sections, contingent upon the components, for example, pictures or shading design.

Such typography incorporates, in addition to other things, the edges, the separations between distinct content compartments and the differentiation of the textual style.

2. Micro Typography

Micro typography deals with the detail in the typeface. All factors that influence the textual style itself fall into this class. For instance, the text style determination and text dimension are micro typographic components. Both influence the typography to a great extent.


If you are a graphic designer, then you might have gone through all these issues and matters. I have learned all this from my past mistakes that have made me master in typography. Being a designer never take typography for granted because it will decide the success of your website.

I have mentioned all the crucial factors of Typography that will let you avoid all the mistakes that become a hurdle in your success.

I hope you have gained enough knowledge through this detailed article. Be responsible and try to convey this information to others too. Make yourself an expert in this field and rule the world as a graphic designer. Read the article and get notes from it.

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