11 Best Subscene Alternatives To Download Subtitles

Subscene is a renowned community-driven website with a  Subscene subtitle browser that is used to download quality subtitles for movies, TV-Series, Music Videos, and Online Videos. The platform supports subtitle download in multiple languages including Arabic, English, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, etc.

Best Subtitle Download Website (SubScene Alternatives)

The website is up and running as of now. But we have seen that on certain occasions, it’s blocked or not available for one reason or another. If you have found this website blocked or not available in your region, don’t lose heart. We have listed 11 top subscene alternatives to discover and download movie subtitles here.

1. Opensubtitles

Subscene Alternatives

Let’s start our top subscene alternative list with opensubtitles. This is my favorite platform that helps me to download subtitles for free. On the platform, you can download movie subtitles in more than sixty languages. The subtitles are available across all types of video content including movies, Web Series, TV Shows, and more.

2. DIVX Subtitles – Best Subscene Alternative

Your hunt for a website that helps to download subtitles for the older videos and movies ends here. This is an ideal platform that hosts subtitles for old and new movies.

The website has a simple user interface and clutter-free navigation. Still, the website is easy to use and loads faster. You can find an advanced search option right on the home page of the website. Subtitles are available on the website based on ratings, formats, language, keywords, etc.

3. YIFY Subtitles

Subscene Alternatives

This website is our next entry on the list. The website hosts a great user interface that makes downloading the subtitles an easygoing affair. The platform is specially built to download movie subtitles.

While searching for the subtitles, you can find them with different versions, uploader name, full subtitle name, and language. Unfortunately, there are no filters to sort the subtitles based on criteria.

4. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is relatively a better place to download movie subtitles. The quality of the subtitles here is far better than some other similar websites meant to serve the purpose.

This is a community-driven subtitle downloading platform that uploads subtitles after proper validation and quality check. The platform allows users to create and download movie subtitles.

5. Addic7ed

In terms of reliability and quality of the subtitles available, the website is identical to Addic7ed. The USP of the website is its dark mode and easy-to-use user interface.

The website lets you download the subtitles for both movies and TV shows. You can download subtitles in as many as 17 languages on Addic7ed. Unfortunately, the platform offers subtitles for relatively new movies only.

6. TVsubs – Best Subscene Substitute

Subscene Alternatives

TVsubs is another top website similar to subscene in terms of content quality and genuinity. The website hosts an extensive collection of subtitles in several languages including some lesser-known ones like Hebrew, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic, and more.

You can find here subtitles for different kinds of video content including Movies, TV Shows, Series, documentaries, and more. The platform boasts of its massive collection of 3.5+ million subtitles on its database.

7. Anysubs

Anysubs has a simple and easy-to-use user interface that makes subtitle downloading a quick and easy task. This subscene alternative has identical features and offers subtitles for almost every popular movie & TV Show you like.

You can use this website with or without registration. For registered users, the website offers advanced subtitle filtering options. With filters, users can narrow down the subtitles search based on the movie name and subtitle uploader.

8. VLSub

VLSub is not actually a subtitles app but an add-on that is used with the VLCMedia players. The add-on lets you browse and find subtitles for any movie and TV show you want to watch. The add-on scans subtitles from the opensubtitles website we have discussed above.

9. Megasubtitles

Subscene Alternatives

Megasubtitles is another high-quality and reliable website that you can visit to browse and download subtitles for movies and TV shows. Among the several Subscene alternatives available online, this is the finest one.

The website is very simple in terms of design and user interface. The platform showcases titles based on their genre and movie name. A search box is given on the website that you can use to find and download the subtitles.

10. SubiT

SubiT is an open-source subscene alternative that is available for free. The platform hosts subtitle in almost every language for several hundred movies, shows, and series.

On the home page of the website, you can find a Subscene subtitle browser that you can use to find and download subtitles based on the movie name and genre. The website is no longer available in India. Use any VPN to run the website. Good luck.

11. Isubtitles

Isubtitles is an ideal subtitle downloading website for Indian movies. This is the best subtitle alternative to subscene if you love watching Indian movies. The website hosts subtitles for Indian movies, web series, and Indian TV serials. A great feature of the website is that it allows users to preview subtitles before downloading them.

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