Seven Reasons Why Every Non-Profit Must Have a Blog

Every non-profit organization should not lose sight of today’s marketplace’s tendencies. Just like any business organization, a company that doesn’t seek profits must also promote itself in the best possible manner.

Why’s that? Well, simply because you’re playing a number’s game. If you can display your cause to millions of people, you’ll obviously reach your goals faster than you could ever imagine. Therefore, the digital environment enables you to aim high and bring a lot of visitors to your cause.

Why Every Non-Profit Must Have a Blog?

In case you’re owning or you’re being a part of a non-profit organization, I believe that you should immediately create a blog. Well, it’s not just a belief; I’m going to give you the exact reasons for which a non-profit blog might be extremely effective and useful.

Search Engine Benefits

First off, every time you’re writing content that’s later going to be posted on the web, search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing will index it, analyze it, and eventually decide how far your blog’s rankings will go.

Every time you use certain keywords such as “volunteering” or “volunteering opportunities” (these are just pure examples) throughout your content, you’re giving search engines the chance to drive targeted traffic towards your blog.

Awareness of the Organization

Every active blog that keeps publishing quality content and useful information is going to generate awareness. By promoting your non-profit blog, you can easily reach hundreds and thousands of individuals that previously had no clue about your cause and purpose. Here are more details on how to promote a non-profit blog through social media.

Trust and Credibility

Your non-profit blog is the single best place where you can cultivate trust and credibility. You can write on a variety of topics that will convince whoever is reading that your mission is worth pursuing. Moreover, a non-profit that takes the time to write about their cause is likely to gain more trust and followers than those who don’t.

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Establish Your Expertise in the Field

Here’s another great thing you can do: write blog posts that specifically tell the level of your expertise. Most people today have lack of a lack of trust, or better said a bit of arrogance in them. If your non-profit blog displays the proficiency of your knowledge and actions, you’ll become more appreciated. People will share your content on social media, and therefore you’ll be able to reach new people every day.

Provides Information

Generally, the information non-profits send is through emails. However, emails are starting to become less and less read by today’s generation. Blogs, on the other hand, quite the opposite!

What you can do is simply send an email, or maybe an instant message on one of the social media networks you’re using, asking the recipient to read your newest information which has been posted on your blog.

Improves Your Fundraising Activities

A blog is a perfect place to attract fundraising opportunities. Because you get the chance to promote your blog to whatever target audience you please, you can develop a fundraising plan which should be pushed towards potentially interested individuals.

Helps You Educate Your Readers

A strong non-profit organization has a lot to say. Besides the encouragement of the cause, the leaders of the organization should do their best to educate their volunteers and the non-volunteers. When you post an educational resource on the web, especially on a blog, it will probably reach a big number of individuals. Advance your cause by letting everyone know what they need to know in order to start caring and maybe helping!

Essential Blogging Tools

Here are some of the blogging tools which every webmaster should leverage throughout his journey:

helps you detect grammar & spelling mistakes, offers you suggestions to correct.

it allows you to discover the most popular and trending content on social media; moreover, you can find and connect with thousands of influencers from different fields.

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if you’re not a great writer, you shouldn’t force it… A-writer is a professional writing service that’s cheap, reliable, and qualitative.

if you write complicated text, HemingwayApp will help you deal with this issue. Copy-paste your text into the app and you’ll observe which of your sentences are hard-to-read.

social media is surely essential to your blog promotion strategy ; whenever you’re done writing a post, you should use Buffer to share it across multiple social media networks using one click only. Moreover, you can develop an automated sequence of social media updates and forget about uploading the content on your own.

Essential Blogging Tips

Instead of writing a summarizing conclusion, I’d better leave you with some extra blogging tips. I believe that each of these tips will produce significant effects, yet only if they’re being implemented.

  • Understand your target audience
  • Your content must be valuable, impeccable, and on-point
  • Leverage social media channels
  • Build an email list immediately
  • Approach social media influencers
  • Become an authority in your niche’s forums by providing useful information
  • Take advantage of digital tools to make your job easier
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