5 Smartest Strategies to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

It’s a very disappointing feeling to spend a lot of time creating content and get virtually no traffic. But in order to get more traffic, you need to get more visible and involve in a proper promotion for your blog and blog posts.

There are various strategies to try out, depending on what type of traffic you wish to generate around your blog. We’ve searched the internet and we’ve come with 5 of the most basic smart strategies you should consider in order to get higher engagement. So, let’s start.

How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?

How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?

Create Engaging Content

In blogging, and basically in everything SEO related there is a maxim you should always follow and it says – Content is the King. This saying has been worn out, but it still is the truth. Good and engaging content build a loyal audience.

The blog you are doing should call for engagement and people should feel a need to interact and comment. Good, valuable content helps build up trust with your readers, and that leads to consistent traffic. (Contd.: How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?)

Try to write casually, like you’re talking with a friend and friendly approach. This method has proven to bring more attention to your blog. Conclude with something engaging, make your readers want to share your content. Try to be helpful but give your own perspective in order to keep the authenticity and build a greater audience.

Get Involved with All Social Media

If you’re not on social media in today’s world – you don’t exist. Social interaction, shares, comments, and others bring more traffic and create a steady fan base of consistent visitors.

You should spend the same amount of time creating content and sharing it across all social media networks. Knowing that Google and other search engines are giving great importance to user interaction, there are few tips to follow. Never promote same blog post in the same way.

Create a different strategy, or you will seem unprofessional. Don’t post too many posts in a day, as this may cause people’s feeds to oversaturate with your content, and make them stop social interaction with you. Always keep a call-to-action somewhere near the end of the post, in order to ease the engagement for your visitors.

Do a Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is a must when writing the content for a new website. Keywords will help search engines identify what a website is about, and will help individuals that are surfing the internet find the website. An SEO services company will often do this exact same thing when they are hired. (Contd.: How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?)

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Then, these experts will make sure to include the ideal number of keywords in the content on the website, guaranteeing that there are not so many that search engines will downgrade the website and put it on the last page, but there are enough so that search engines will still pick up the website.

Use Enticing Images

Images are another great way to draw in more traffic. When an individual is looking for a particular image, they often enter a search term and then click on the images tab, bringing up all of the pictures that match their search. Websites that do not use images have a zero chance of being discovered via an image search.

A company that provides services to help increase traffic will recommend that businesses make sure to include keywords in all of their image descriptions.

Most search engines will not rank a website lower for overuse of keywords if additional words are used in the description for pictures, and this will help to guarantee images a spot on search results for images.

Get Influencers to Share Your Content

It’s almost impossible to succeed alone, in any field or industry, and there is always someone who helped those successful people to the top. If you are a blogger – Influencers are the help you need.

Some studies have shown that content shared by influencers may result in more than 30% higher rates of social shares. This is quite a significant difference, so in order to get influencers to involve with your blog, you need to take care of some things first.

You have to engage with influencers and their work, and you need to provide a really amazing content. No one wants to advertise and push some old and dusty blog post just to elevate your engagement. Give free publicity and do an interview with influencers and try to find the best way to help each other.

Reach Out to Other Bloggers

The best thing you can do to get higher engagement is to get engaged yourself. Not only with the audience, but with other bloggers as well, top bloggers and authors have higher traffic, and there’s a lot you can pick up from them. (Contd.: How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?)

In the virtual sea of blogs and bloggers try to find those that you prefer the most, and reach out to them. Share other people’s content before asking them to share yours. Be an engaged audience member for them and they will be grateful, as you would for your engaging audience. Learn to build relationships with other bloggers and not look at them as just the competition.

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Talk at a Webinar or a Professional Conference

If you are the expert in your field, a great way to elevate engagement is by giving a talk at a professional conference or a webinar. Nowadays there are literally thousands of talks and webinars taking place all over the world, and you can get involved easy.

Another great way is to give a webinar lecture online. With modern day’s innovative video conferencing options, you can give a professional lecture from your office or even your home. Doing these things maximizes your exposure and draws traffic to your blog, as your credibility rises.


Proper promotion is the foundation of good engagement and high traffic on your blog. The strategies described in this post are tested and have proven to work, but you need to plan ahead in order to implement them properly in order to maximize the traffic potential your blog has. Make sure you learn all about social media marketing you can or consult a professional in order to really get the traffic you’re hoping for.

Even though hiring a professional help may seem like a costly solution, keep in mind that nothing can compare with their experience and while you would probably have to learn as you work, they can prevent some of the problems before they even occur.

How to Bring Organic More Blog Traffic?

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