Responsive Web Design Advantages 2017

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is essential for today’s web design point of view as it allows you to stay ahead of the trend.

Responsive design is a web design and development method that builds a site that reacts to the size of a client’s screen. Responsive web designing makes and improve your website and helps to advance your web page.

Responsive Web Design Advantages 2017!

Increasing use of the net and outburst of web applications on mobile and tablet has been the driving force behind the Responsive Web Design. SEO is the key factor of any business growth.

If SEO is a center part of your digital marketing strategy then having a mobile–friendly site is essential. Mobile sales have overtaken desktop sales & mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake desktop net usage.

There are various Advantages of Responsive Web Design for website owners and these have to do with SEO, staying in sync with the latest trends and reaching a larger audience in web page design. If you are an online business owner or webmaster looking for ways to keep your site and business on top of the competition, increase your conversion rates, keep your users happy and expand your reach then responsive website should be your priority.

5 advantages of Responsive Web Design in 2017

1. Increased Conversion Rate

By going from a mobile friendly version to a responsive website you are more likely to boost earnings or conversions from advertisements. Increasing your conversion rate or earnings by switching your website to responsive design is simple business sense.

Migrating simple website design to responsive design resulted in 10-30% increase in simple web design earnings compared to mobile friendly versions.

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2. Higher Ranks in Google (SEO)

Responsive Web Design means higher rankings in Google search. If you make a website then to be found on Google, receive more traffic and leads will be your priority. This priority is a must for any small and big business owner.

If your website has only one responsive design then you don’t need an additional version of your website that’s made for mobile devices.

With just one strategic URL you can strengthen your SEO. Don’t build a separate website designs for tablets, iPhones, desktops & laptops as that is now a thing of the past.

3. Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences

Increasing use of the internet and explosion of web applications on mobile and tablet and has been the driving force behind the Responsive Web Design.

Traditionally users would be re-directed to a device specific site but, Responsive Web Design means one site can be implemented across devices.

Tablet sales are expected to exceed 90 million this year; it means that Responsive Web Design has never been so essential for those looking to optimize their online content.

Certainly, some sites are already experiencing up to 30% traffic from tablet and mobile devices and this is a profitable very important to accommodate the lesser display size in a cohesive design.

4. Your customers are already mobile, stay in touch with them

Most likely if you ensure your analytics then you will get that already 20 –30% of your clients are coming from mobile or tablets and if you are not offering them a user friendly website then you are losing your clients.

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Therefore, the additional advantage of responsive web design is that it will allow you to keep in touch with your clients as well as engage with them on every possible event.

5. Save time and cost on website management

Customers will find it easier & less time consuming to maintain a single website with less content to handle.

In addition a single organizational interface can easily be optimized by using workflow tools and layout to manage the correct content or website templates that are being used for different devices.

Business logic can be applied such that the overall multi-device experience can be significantly enhanced within a single administration, like Blaze CMS.

Responsive Web Design Advantages

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