What Is Raya App? The Private Celebrity Dating App, Explained


Raya is an exclusive dating app for ultra-famous celebrities. This is not as popular as Tinder and Bumble since it’s used by hush-hush and top celebrities and influencers across the glamour world.

Like many popular dating apps, you can’t simply download this app, create an account and start using it. Raya is far different from the many dating apps. In this article, I will take a look into various aspects of the Raya app.

What is Raya Dating App?

Raya is an invite-only dating app used by high-profile celebrities in different creative fields such as entertainment, fashion, cinema, social media, etc. They use the app to connect and engage with other elite celebrities secretly.

However, unlike Tinder or other popular dating apps, Raya is an invite-only application where the user sends an invitation request to other users. Once the request is reviewed and approved they can start interacting.

There is no defined time frame in which an application is approved. An application submitted goes through three phases: under review, waitlist, and accepted.

What does Raya’s Website Say About the App?

If you visit the official website of Raya, it says that Raya is an “online membership-based community for dating, networking, and making new friends”.

The app was launched back in 2015 and it’s an invite-only dating app. A user can’t directly send an invitation request to a Raya user. Instead, you have to be referred by an existing member to join the Raya community.

If you fail to get referred but still like to join, you can submit an application form and wait until your application gets accepted. A team of reviewers scrutinizes the application to decide if you’re deserving enough to get in. Unfortunately, the success rate of getting approval is less than 10%.

Features and Functions of Raya Dating App:

Once you’re in, you will find the app quite similar to other dating apps that you have already used. Like other apps, you can create your profile, match with other people on the platform, indulge in video chat, and send messages to other members. Moreover, you can also share statuses, birthdays, and other posts using the app.

The app showcases photos and a short biography of another person that might be a right match for you. The conversation begins only when both the users tap ‘like’ on each other’s profiles. The app features a virtual map that tells about the local people of that area using this app.

In Raya, you can also create an eye-catching slideshow of your photos with background music of your choice.


By turning on the Nearby feature, members can discover the other people who are in the close vicinity of their current location. This is why the app asks members to grant access to use their current cell phone location.


Another noteworthy feature of Raya is called Mode. The feature lets members find their potential match based on their industry such as social or work.

Other features of the Raya Dating App:

I am listing here a few other very significant features of Raya that keeps the app ahead of other dating apps:

  • You can choose a song and a make a slideshow of your pictures
  • The song you choose plays in the background while the other user views your photo slideshow. To start the slideshow and background song, you can click on another user’s photos.
  • Raya also offers swipe, match, and message features.
  • While the slideshow is running in the background you can swipe “Yes” or “No.” If both people say, “Yes,” you can start sending text messages or begin video chat within the app.
  • If no one responds to your message, matches expire after 10 days. After that, you’re only shown a limited amount of profiles per day.
  • In addition to the image slideshow, users can upload one main picture for their profile, a short bio, along with other details like their age, location, and work.
  • Its Maps page enables you to find users near you. But you have to pay extra to connect to those people.

How Much Does Raya Cost?

If your application is accepted, you can buy different membership plans of the app loaded with features. The plans last for one-, six- or twelve-month respectively. You can choose any of these plans that renew automatically.

The pricing of the plans is around $9.99 per month or £5.99 in the UK. If compared to other dating apps, the membership fee to access the app is huge.

Raya Signup Process:

Given below are the steps you have to follow to register for the website.

  • Provide your basic details including your name, EMAIL address, and gender.
  • Now provide your Instagram ID
  • Enter details regarding your profession such as work, industry, and your designation at your job.
  • Now verify the number that you’ve provided via either a text message or a call.

Good things about Raya:

The platform is exclusively built for famous celebrities, elite people, and social media influencers. The app is backed by a slew of praiseworthy privacy features that members safe.

People of any gender identity or sexual orientation can become members. The profiles available on the app are verified and authenticated.

Downsides of Raya

What I found disappointing is that the app is not available for the Android platform and doesn’t offer any free features at all. Its application process is cumbersome and time taking.

There is no guarantee of approval and your luck largely depends upon how famous you are on other social media platforms. You can only be added based on the recommendations of a user already using the platform.

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