How Noise Cancelling Headphone Prevents Noise Pollution?

People get used to of the noise they hear in their everyday life. Loud music, television or radio, traffic, people yelling on their phone, pets barking on the streets have become part of city life.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Prevents Noise Pollution

Noise Cancelling Headphone

There are certain limitations in which humans can adhere to these sounds, when it goes beyond that limit turns into noise pollution.

Usually, people associate the word pollution to nature and resources such as air pollution or water pollution. However, noise pollution also contributes to affecting not only physical and mental health but also disrupting the natural rhythm of life.

Causes of Noise Pollution in Cities

“One of the major causes of noise pollution is poor urban planning in densely populated cities such as congested houses, undisciplined traffic, and jam-pack streets,” says Mark Jones, head of research department at King Essay UK. Noise pollution hits its peak during social events such as marriages, parties, or get together. People usually disregard the rules set by the local administration for limitation of sound level.

A flood of vehicles on the road, trains and public transport produce heavy noise, which makes people irritated to get adapted to that. Heavy equipment of constructive activities like construction of buildings, bridges, stations, flyovers, dams, and mining is also too noisy. In such situations, a normal person loses the ability to hear properly.

Effects of noise pollution

Human ears can bear a certain range of sounds with a maximum of 85 dB (decibel). All sounds above this range are considered as noise damaging hearing ability.

Nonstop hearing of high level of noise adversely affects eardrums, which may result in loss of hearing. It also weakens human sensitivity to those useful sounds that help to maintain the rhythm of the human body.

Noise pollution at workplaces, whether office or construction site, busy streets or in a hypermarket causes health issues.

Studies result that aggression, sleep disorder, anxiety, and stress can be associated with noise pollution. These effects can become a serious health condition and may lead to chronic issues later in life.

Headphones to Reduce Noise Pollution

There are various new technologies that will change things forever. The idea of Noise Cancelling Headphone that blocks sound was first introduced to help airplane pilots during long flights. Since then, this concept has evolved and has become an essential need for daily life to avoid noise pollution.

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Many people don’t use it to listen to music; rather, they activate the noise-canceling feature to block all kinds of noises. With these headphones, no sound reaches the ear, which fills the mind with calmness. People don’t realize how loud their surrounding is, which gradually affects their hearing ability. This innovation helps them to live a quiet and relaxed life.

How do They Work?

Headphone with the noise-canceling feature is installed with microphones, which captures the noise in the environment. It then creates an inverse form of these sounds at the built-in speakers of the headphone.

The outcome of this process results in the elimination of noise pollution to a certain extent. This minimizes the unwanted sounds to such a level that creates a quiet and soft environment.

The most advanced noise-canceling headphones have “active” and “passive” noise-canceling aspects combined together. In short, it consists of a physical obstacle that assists in blocking and has various benefits for sensory disorders.

A Common Misconception

As noise-canceling headphones have two primary features that are active noise control (ANC) and passive noise canceling, there is a common misconception about ANC. It is regarded that ANC headphones equally eliminates all noises.

In actual, it has lesser control on sounds that have frequencies more than 1 kilohertz. In comparison, it works more effectively on the human voice. On the other side, passive noise-canceling can be useful in reducing high-frequency sounds and does not control the sounds below 1 kHz.

Where and When to Use?

“It’s an innovation which has transformed the stressful and noisy daily routine of many people into quiet and relaxed life,” says Julia Anthony, manager of IT department at CrowdWriter.

With the use of such headphone can make traveling in public transport a stress-free journey. The noise-canceling feature minimizes the disturbing sound of engine and traffic. In the office environment, it blocks the irritating voice of people arguing with each other, constant gossip between colleagues and other interruptions.

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It is suited during air travel where a person can have a sound sleep as this headphone blocks all the chatter and disturbance by other passengers. If there is a party at neighborhood and the loud music is disturbing a student preparing for exams, this disturbance can be controlled by noise controlling feature of this headphone.

Best noise-reducing Headphones –

Here’s a quick guide of some best noise reducing headphones:

Bose QC35II

Bose is the pioneer of the noise-canceling headset and leads the market for its active noise cancellation. Their latest product, the QC 35II, is a superb noise-canceling headphone with ANC and passive controlling together. It has simple operation, steady connectivity, and decent sound.

Sony WH-MX1000M3

The MX1000Ms has excellent noise cancellation that can be further tuned manually or automatically according to surrounding sounds. It supports an advanced audio standard which helps in providing enhanced audio quality. It is one of the best sounding Bluetooth headphones with various adjusting options as preferred by the user.

Anker Soundcore Space NC

It not only delivers a useful amount of noise cancellation but also features good sound and lasting battery life. It is much economical than other costlier brands and comes around at $100. The Space NC also has decent details in high frequencies.

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