MultCloud Review: Free and Easy-to-use Cloud Transfer App

Storage spaces are a thing of past. You may already have a lot of gigabytes with such a large number of cloud storage providers. From Yandex and Google docs to mega and OneDrive, you already have plenty of space to waste (because you’ll never store that much data). MultCloud allows you to manage a lot of cloud storage. This MultCloud review unearths how it helps users to utilize cloud storage directly.

MultCloud Review: Manage all Your Cloud Based Storage

However, you may encounter file storage confusions with such a large number of storage media. After all, how will you know where you stored the file you downloaded a year ago? And that’s just because of the multiple accounts on numerous cloud platforms.

Therefore, it’s time to trim the clutter away. But how? You can clean up everything using MultCloud – a free cloud storage management service. However, how will you know if MultCloud is a useful utility for you or not?

Therefore, here’s a review to help you out. In this review, you will know about MultCloud, its features, and pricing. Moreover, you will also have a look at the reasons to give MultCloud a shot before starting to use it.

MultCloud – Syncing Multiple Online Storage

As said above, MultCloud is a handy utility that allows you to manage a lot of cloud storage at once. This way, you will never have to deal with the confusion associated with your cloud storages. MultCloud works as a web application and also has a dedicated chrome extension.

MultCloud makes it easy for you to access your files by integrating all your cloud storages at one place. Moreover, data transfer also happens in the cloud. Hence, you don’t need to consume your data to transfer files.

Some of its salient features include scheduled transfers. By this, your files are automatically transferred to MultCloud without your need to transfer data manually. Also, MultCloud provides direct cloud transfer of data between your cloud servers.

Lastly, you can also enjoy all the everyday file operations like copy, paste, move, cut, rename, delete, and upload by using MultCloud. Overall, it is an excellent service with tons of features to ease off file management for you.

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Here’s a gist of its features:

  • Free cloud transfer
  • Automatic cloud sync
  • Easy cloud file manager
  • Over 30 storage services

Why You Need MultCloud?

MultCloud Review

As the name suggests, MultCloud supports numerous cloud drives (30+), including the most prominent ones. Therefore, all your scattered files can be gathered in one place with ease. Moreover, MultCloud also allows you to synchronize two folders in different cloud drives.

Therefore, you can synchronize any folders regardless of the cloud drive service you use. Furthermore, there is a backup process that is very easy to use. And the included cloud file manager is as simple as the file explorer in your PC.

Lastly, you can feel free to use the free version that has a plethora of features. Otherwise, you can even opt for the premium version at a highly affordable price. Therefore, MultCloud is undoubtedly a must-have utility.

Features of MultCloud

Here’s a rundown of amazing features of MultCloud:

Offline Data Transfer

Your data is safe with MultCloud because all the data transfer is done through the cloud. Therefore, you can transfer data even if your device is turned off. Moreover, you don’t need to wait for exhaustive hours to let the data transfer complete.

In-cloud Data Transfer

Traditionally, all other cloud managing software encourages you to download the file on your system first. Later on, you need to upload it to your cloud management software. This method not only consumes a supple amount of data but is slow as well.

However, with MultCloud, all your cloud services data transfers happen in between the drives. Therefore, all you need to do is drag and drop your file to the MultCloud, and the transfer will take place without consuming even a single kilobyte of your data.

Email Notifications

You will never have to worry about the status of your transfer with MultCloud. Moreover, you’ll also don’t have to check the situation again and again by visiting the web app. You can get the status of all your incoming and outgoing transfers.

With MultCloud, you’ll receive alerts through your email for every chunk of data you transfer. Moreover, if any of your data transmission fails, you’ll be instantly notified through your email address.

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Scheduled Transfers

Now you don’t need to manually transfer anything or keep your device on during the transfer. That’s because MultCloud provides scheduling your shipments by which you can record all your data transfers on the go.

Cloud Storage Offline Download

Sometimes you might need to download a file from one cloud drive and store it to another. However, this only sounds promising for small files and can be very exhaustive for large files, especially when you have slow or limited internet connectivity. Therefore, to ease off your work,0 Moreover, you can even keep your device off during the transfer and save time.

Pricing – MultCloud

MultCloud Review

MultCloud has a free version that you can use for a lifetime. However, it has a premium plan too. There are four categories to choose from – quarterly, monthly, yearly, and unlimited yearly. Each of these plans cost $9.9, $24.9, and $119.9 respectively.

MultCloud Review: Conclusion

Overall, MultCloud is undoubtedly an excellent choice for people who are looking to simplify their cloud storage clutters. The best thing about MultCloud is that it provides various features in its free version and professional version is available for an unmatchable price. That’s all we have for today.

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