Mind-Blowing Facts about Mobile Apps

In this tech age, mobile devices are undoubtedly one of the most notable inventions. Let’s face it- almost every adult owns a mobile phone, hence, its usage has also increased.

Since smartphones are handheld devices, they have taken a bigger role in our lives. They are used as mini-computers by a majority of people to make their daily tasks a whole lot easier. Have you ever wondered why smartphones have gained so much popularity? Well, there are so many surprising facts attached to it.

Mind-Blowing Facts about Mobile Apps

Facts about Mobile Apps

Those who are yet to make their business go mobile should be aware of these amazing facts. It would not be wrong to say the future belongs to mobile apps so read on to find out why.

The necessity of mobile apps is greater than websites

There is no denying the fact that website culture is diminishing since people find it more convenient to access information via their smartphones.

Gone are the days when people would explore the information available on various sites. Now, websites are facing a decline since mobile apps have successfully taken the top spot from them.

According to a research, over 87% of people spend their time on mobile apps, which has elevated the necessity of mobile app development for businesses. Since surfers are using more mobile apps than websites, the development of mobile apps has significantly increased.

Android operating systems are king

Android operating systems are king and you may be surprised to find out this little known fact. You must be wondering how Android has gained such a stature. Well, there are innumerable operating systems out there used for downloading apps. Most of these operating systems are of the Android variety. But we cannot say much about if things will remain the same in the future or not.

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Mobile apps are the preference of millennials

Nowadays, millennials prefer using mobile apps over websites. A study shows that 85% of consumers are strongly in favor of mobile apps. That shows they have considerably high expectations for mobile apps.

For instance, they don’t expect mobile apps to crash or freeze and believe apps load quicker than mobile websites. This means that they are likely to use a high performing app. If a business is unable to offer a proper an app with user-friendly features, consumers are likely to go elsewhere in search for better options.

If you don’t want to discourage consumers from using an app again, then you must use a stable internet connection to develop a problem-free mobile app. By browsing through cable packages, you will certainly find the perfect package that includes internet, TV, and phone. In turn, you will be able to develop an exceptional mobile app for your consumers.

A large number of job opportunities are being created by the app economy

Chances are, you will find it hard to believe that the app economy is the reason why thousands of job opportunities are being created. A large number of ancillary industries have been taking advantage of the app economy. Overall development, advertising, and customized services have also increased lucrative opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

Mobile apps available for Android users are greater than iPhone users

If you are an Android user, here is good news for you- Android Play Store offers the highest number of life-changing apps (approximate 2.8 million) to its users. Why though? Well, there are comparatively more Android users than iOS users. By downloading the right apps, people can change the way they get their daily tasks done.

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Many companies are offering free apps to download

With the introduction of various mobile apps, the competition has also increased. That’s the reason why many businesses have made their apps free to download with the help of in-app purchase options. In turn, such businesses stay ahead of their competition. However, not all apps are free.

People who are unable to invest in paid apps are likely to download free apps. Hence, these apps have become significantly popular among smartphone users.

Mobile apps generate their revenue from advertisements

Another interesting fact about mobile apps is that in-app advertisement is a source for revenue generation. Usually, companies are always looking for effective ways to generate revenue.

The revenue derived by mobile apps is extraordinarily high so it’s making every company out there utilize ad revenue and in-app purchases. Without further ado, get a mobile app developed for your business in order to boost your revenue.

Gaming apps are more profitable than lifestyle apps

When it comes to mobile apps, gaming apps are the major earning resource. Since a majority of users invest money in gaming apps, they are more lucrative at the moment.

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