How to Split Screen on a Mac in Few Simple Steps?


While working on office presentations or school assignments, there are occasions when we have to work on multiple windows at once. To make this possible, the Mac computer comes packed with a split-screen feature.

As the name suggests, the feature automatically splits two windows so that you can work side-by-side in two different apps. The Split screen view easily works on a MacBook screen or desktop monitor.

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On Mac, it’s pretty easy to resize Windows. All you have to do is to click and drag the edge of the windows. But sometimes this trick ends up with ambiguous window selections. This is why I will recommend you to go for a Split-screen view since it perfectly positions two windows to fill your entire screen.

How to Split Screens on a MacBook?

On the upper left of the Mac window, you can find red, yellow, and green buttons. An arrow appears when you hover over the green button. Now follow the below steps:

  • Click the green button and hold for some time. It will make your Mac window smaller. Now you can enter split-screen mode.
  • Stop Clicking. Your window will move to the left half of your screen or monitor.
  • Another window that you have opened to work alongside the first one will appear on the right half of your screen. Click on the one you want to view.
How to split Screen on a Mac
  • The second window that you have chosen will appear on the right side of your screen. For switching sides of the windows, drag either window to the other side from the menu bar of either window.
How to split Screen on a Mac
  • To keep one window wider or narrower, click the border between the two windows selected. Drag your cursor to make one window smaller and one window larger. Even in this situation too, both the windows will fill the entire screen.
  • In split mode, menu bars, including the red, yellow, green dots won’t be available for use. To see them back, move your cursor to the top of your screen. Now the menu bar reappears over both windows.

It’s not difficult or daunting to toggle back and forth between two documents in split-screen view. If the need arises you can also switch between your split-screen and other apps.

How to exit split-screen mode on Mac?

How to split Screen on a Mac

If you have finished the task and want to exit split-screen mode, slide your cursor up to the top of the screen. Check if the green button reappears. Now click to reduce the size of your window. The window you’re currently in will revert to its pre-split screen shape and the other window will go into full-screen mode.

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