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How to Build an Email Marketing Strategy?

Every professional email marketer ought to know that before choosing the right email platform, they should have an email strategy schemed out perfectly. And the core of a successful marketing strategy is the choice of email type to use.

Most Common Types of Emails

email marketing strategy

Here we have brought to your attention the most common types of emails to use and reach out to more customers in a more efficient way.

1. Newsletters

These are all the regular emails with news and updates about the business that the marketer sends to their subscribers. The information included may refer to the particular brand or the target industry overall.

Newsletters serve as a powerful tool to drive traffic to new blog posts, set thought leadership, and generally keep the business on top of customers’ mind. And what is the basis of an email marketing strategy if not that?┬áSo that your brand’s newsletters deliver to only interested recipients who are potential customers, it makes sense to make use of an email verifying tool –

2. Roundup Posts

One of the primary goals of a blogger is to drive readers to their blog. If you are one and want to keep your readers enticed and new ones attracted, posting consistently is a must.

It’s been proved that a new post a week or a roundup of the top new posts works the most effectively. And if you have set a once or twice a week frequency of posting, you can use an automated email service. That will significantly facilitate your task.

3. Trigger Emails

Being highly targeted, trigger emails are sent in response to a particular event or series of events. Trigger messages encourage receivers to take some specific action mentioned. For instance, suppose a customer has placed an item in their cart and hasn’t checked it out yet.

In suchlike cases, you can send a trigger asking them to review it. Unfortunately, far not all email marketing services can make use of this email type. Therefore, make sure the one you select offers it whenever you need it.

4. Welcome Emails

Welcome series emails are rather customized types of trigger emails. They are activated when someone subscribes to your brand.

To detect which of the new subscribers are ordinary users and which emails are created just on the spot with no intention for further use, make use of an email address checker. Once done, you will have genuine email owners in your list.

A welcome email type aims to let your new subscribers know more about your brand. Whether those will be educational, introductory, or encouraging messages to follow your brand on other platforms, too, is up to you. Just make sure the letters sound persuasive.

5. Promotional Emails

And finally, a series of promotional emails intend to move potential customers through your sales funnel. Such series can be created on special occasions such as holidays, or to cross-sell a new product. Promotional emails are mandatory for e-commerce businesses.

As a rule, these emails are automated, which makes it significantly easier for bloggers to appear everywhere whenever necessary. They write a message once, and it’s sent to the target recipients over months or even years, as long as expedient. This way, brands constantly remain on top of the subscribers’ mind.

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