Google Begins Adding Image Captions in Image Search Results

Google has announced a fresh update to its Google image search results. After adding badges some time back and recent removal of the “view image” and “search by image” buttons, Google begins adding captions for each image starting today.

Google Image Update:  Image Captions Arrive

The feature is being rolled out globally and will be available for mobile browsers and the Google app (iOS and Android). The caption to be displayed with an image will be pulled from the default title of the page that features the image.

As shown in the screenshot below, the caption will be shown below the image and above the page URL:

While announcing the update, Google said that this extra piece of information will give users more idea about the image. So that they can easily find out what the image is about and whether the website would contain more relevant content for your needs.

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When a Google spokesperson was asked if these titles might be rewritten by Google for display with images, a Google spokesperson said,

 “We use web titles right now, but we’re continually experimenting with ways to improve the experience. Currently we use the web page’s title and nothing more.”

Team BR