Top 15 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites for 2021

A live sports streaming website is one that allows users to watch global sports and events online.  These free sports streaming sites and platforms let users enjoy every bit of a game live from start to finish without miss.

There are several websites and platforms launched by sport giants and entertainment juggernauts that allow live streaming of sports. Some of the websites are free while some are available with a subscription. Similarly, some platforms are dedicated to an exclusive game while a few include live streaming of multiple games on the platform.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

The list provides an insight into top websites and platforms for sports live streaming. Some of these websites require registration while some are ready to go.


If you are looking for the best free sports streaming site, look no further. is the place where you’ll find all of the best live sporting events legally. It’s 100% safe, and there is not even one ad on the site. You can read in-depth reviews of more than 30 free sports streaming sites, so you will not miss any live matches in the future.

2. Sonyliv:

This HD sports streaming platform is offered by entertainment juggernaut Sony. The website provides ad supported free live streaming of global sporting events. Sport programs and events can be accessed via SonyLiv website or Android and iOS apps.

3. Fox Sports Go:

free sports streaming sites

This is another renowned free sports streaming website. The platform houses events such as including NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC and Soccer etc. Streaming is available on both website and its mobile apps. A user can register and then sign in to access HD quality sports content from respective TV providers.

4. CBS Sports:

Unlike other best sports streaming sites mentioned above, CBS sports provides both live sports and sports highlights as well as sports news. The platform covers some of the most popular sporting events such as NBA, NFL, MLB and Golf etc.  In addition, sports lovers can also download its android and iOS app to watch live sports on the go.

5. Disney Hotstar:

This is an Asia based website that provides world class sporting events streaming experience in HD quality.  You can enjoy a wide array of sporting events and tournaments of your choice on Disney Hotstar. Besides sports, Hotstar is also an ideal place for watching TV shows and live movie streaming. The only downside is that it’s available only for its mobile app users.

6. Fox Sports Go:

‘Fox Sports Go’ is the best place for watching live sports online. The website is from the Fox Sports Network that provides HD quality live streaming of various sports matches and sporting events all across the globe.

Besides as a website, the platform is also available as a mobile app. This means you can live stream your favorite sporting events on your mobile devices as well. FOX Sports GO is available free of cost.

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7. Fromhot:

free sports streaming sites

This website is the next in the list of world’s most popular online sports streaming websites. It’s a feature loaded website built for offering decent user experience. Though it’s also an ad supported sports streaming platform, it’s less distracting than other similar websites.

This can be a better alternative if you want to get rid of annoying ads. Fromhot can be chosen for its beautiful color scheme and innovative user interface. It can provide easy streaming links of popular sports like basketball, cricket, football, baseball and hockey etc.

8. Stream Sports:

Like other best free sports streaming sites and platforms listed here, it’s also a very popular website for live streaming sports and watching them live. The website is easy to use and enables users to search and view streaming links on this website. Once found, streaming links can be played via its inbuilt media player.

The downside is that the platform is not available for global users as its access comes with reasonable restrictions for some countries. You can use VPN or proxies to livestream the sporting events in your country.

9. Laola1:

free sports streaming sites

Based in Austria, Laola1 is another top notch sports streaming website for global sporting events. The place is an ideal platform for streaming your favorite sports for free. Laola1 is available as both website and mobile app. If you want to access Laola1 app on tablets and smart TVs, you can install an APK file of the app.

You can choose between free and paid membership of Laola1. The platform provides live streams and content in full HD resolution. Ads can be there but only before and after streams.

10. Livescore:

Livescore is another premium sports streaming platform. Initially it was designed to provide live score of games, but later converted into a full-fledged website for showing live streaming of sports. Besides website, the Livescore platform is also available as a mobile app.

The website is decently built and easy to use. Website’s home page showcases a list of all running and upcoming sporting events. This website is a perfect place for watching live Soccer, Hockey, Tennis and Basketball matches.

11. SportLemon:

free sports streaming sites

SportLemon, our next entrant among best free sports streaming sites doesn’t offer its own set of live matches but hosts live sports streaming videos from various sporting websites and sources. The website is known for its innovative and user-friendly interface that enhances live sport streaming experience at scale. You can use this website to live stream matches like football, basketball, hockey and tennis etc.

12. Cricfree:

Don’t assume it as live streaming platform for cricket. Instead, it includes all major sports, events and TV channels, including Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2. Here you can livestream matches from various sport categories including football, soccer, boxing, tennis and basketball etc.

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13. VIPLeague:

cricfree free sports streaming sites

At VIPLeague you can watch and enjoy the widest range of free live sports online including English Premier League (EPL), the Champions League, NFL, NBA, college basketball, and motorsports etc. VIPLeague has several micro websites under its family tree such as VIPRow, VIPLeagues and VIPBox etc.

14. Stream2Watch:

Stream2watch is another popular online sports streaming platform that lets users , livestream live TV channels and live sports inclosing football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis and cricket etc. You can find the website useful as it provides a well organized listing of current and upcoming global sports live streams.

15. Stream Woop:

Streamwoop is our recommendation for free best online live sports streaming. It is feature loaded and comes with an innovative user interface. Live streams are organized as per its schedule so that you never miss an upcoming sporting event of your choice. You get timely notifications and alerts of every current and upcoming livestream.

Besides sports live stream, this sports streaming site also provides current sports, trends, highlights, and sports news that you can browse and enjoy. The platform is free to use and needs no registration.

16. ESPN Player:

ESPN Player is a very popular website among sports streaming sites by sport network ESPN. The platform provides live streaming of global sporting events in HD quality across the world. The service is paid as it requires few bucks a month to enjoy HD sport streaming. However, you may go for its 7 day free trial.  If the service is not available in your city, you should check for a VPN service.

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