Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse in 2018

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The gaming world has grown so much over the past few years, with a big percentage of the world’s population, children and adults, finding pleasure in it.

Buying a Gaming Mouse? Things to Consider

Facts to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

Truthfully, it is not mandatory that you use a gaming mouse because it does not make you any more of a pro, but why miss out on the pleasure, the added comfort, and convenience that comes with a gaming mouse?

There is a wide range of gaming mice to opt for in the market, so you must be intentional about what you are looking for before buying one. Here is a comprehensive guide of things you must consider for your gaming mouse purchase:

Understand your mouse grip

People have a different mouse grip, more especially when gaming. There are three different types of mouse grips, that is:

Palm grip –

this is the standard mouse grip common among most gamers. The fingers usually lay flat on the mouse buttons while the palm rests on the body of the mouse. For the palm grip, you want to opt for a big mouse that has an adequate surface for your grip.

Claw grip –

the claw grip is when a gamer lays their hand on the back part of the mouse, with the index finger and the middle fingers on the mouse buttons. Ideally, only the lower part of the palm and the fingertips touch the mouse, forming the shape of a claw.

Fingertip grip –

this is the rarest mouse grip because there is minimal contact between a gamers hand and the mouse.

The grip entails two or three of your fingers, usually the index, middle and ring fingers, resting on the mouse, while the rest of the palm is hanging out in the air. It is common among gamers etched towards precision and fast movements.

Flexibility and lift-off distance

Gaming involves a lot of body movements and changes in sitting positions. Typically, a mouse that is highly flexible is more preferable than one that is not. The lift-off distance concerns the question of how long you can lift the device before it can lose its responsiveness.

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In intense and competitive gaming, you expect a couple of movements, which makes lift-off distance an important consideration.

Sensitivity of the mouse

Before you can decide on your ideal mouse, you must consider the sensitivity of the mouse. You can determine the speed of a gaming mouse by measuring Characters Per Inch (CPI), or Dots Per Inch (DPI). Ideally, a DPI should be between a few hundred and thousands, and the higher it is, the faster a mouse is.

A fast mouse increases efficacy in gaming as compared to a slow one that can stall the game, which is why sensitivity should matter when shopping for mice.

Customization of a mouse’s software

A standard mouse has a higher latency than a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are armed with better software for customizing the functionality of the device to the gamers needs.

Most gaming mice come with their PC software, and for some, with compatibility for other gaming gear, for example, headsets.

With customizable software, you can set up the lighting profile of the mouse, change the button roles, and even, set DPI options to change the sensitivity of the device.

Weight of the mouse

More often than not, gamers do not account for the weight of a gaming mouse, and this might come in the way of comfort during the gaming experience.

As per your grip and the intensity of the game, the weight plays a big role in the level of comfort you experience.

A heavy mouse, for instance, is not only hard to move around, but also tedious and numbing to your hands, restricting prolonged game sessions. On the other hand, a very light mouse can also be uncomfortable to use.


The longevity of any item you purchase is always a concern. For gamers especially, it is crucial that they consider the durability of a gaming mouse beforehand.

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Gaming mice undergo a lot of pressure and movements, which make them prone to wear and tear.

For intense games, gaming mice get banged on desks or even dropped on the floor, and with long hours, you can anticipate failures, tears, and wears.

However, gaming mice are made in a manner to withstand such pressure, but they differ in durability. Choose one that has sturdy buttons and a gliding mechanism as they have a lengthy usage.


Gaming is entertaining, and nothing sounds better than an elevated experience. Gaming mice of high quality provide more support to your palm and wrists, hence more accent on comfort.

For example, a gaming mouse with the shooting feature will offer you a hassle-free maneuver throughout your gaming in the way they are simple and basic, allowing you to adapt to all types of games effortlessly.

Only you can determine the level of comfort you prefer, which will guide you when considering a gaming mouse for weight, button size, customization, among others.

Factually, all mice are not the same, and if you give much thought to it, you will find all these insights valuable for your next purchase. If you are going to game, go big or go home!

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