Facebook Marketing Tips for Digital Marketing Beginners

Facebook is a leader in social media, and has been a go-to source for a number of marketers. If you are one of the 1.23 billion active Facebook users, you have an idea of how it works. It offers an easy way to connect with others, learn, and share.

While Facebook is certainly great for personal use, it is also a valuable marketing tool. The team at Facebook knows this and have created tools that can help you, including an advertising platform which allows you to specify the type of people you are targeting based on location, demographics, and interests. There are three main tools at your disposal:

Pages –

A Facebook Page is very similar to a personal profile page, however it is meant for businesses, organization, and public figures. Facebook uses can “Like” the page and receive updates. This is a great marketing option if you own business. Pages are free and easy to set up, and can get the word out about new products, sales, or other special offers.

Ads –

In addition to creating a Page for your business, you can market it through ads on Facebook. You can create ads that are targeted at specific groups based on a range of things, from geographic location to age and even what types of devices they use for browsing. In addition, Facebook allows users to “Like” a page right beneath an advertisement.

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Groups –

This marketing option is similar to a discussion forum, but with added features that Pages have, such as a “Wall.” Groups are free and are geared towards high levels of engagement.

If you only want to take advantage of one option above, consider creating a Page for your business. Facebook Pages are the easiest way to start marketing with Facebook. One of the main draws is that they are free and easy to set up. In addition, many businesses do not take advantage of Pages or do not use them to their full potential. By utilizing this feature, you can have great advantage over your competitors.

Here are a few tips to get you started creating your Page the right way:

Photos –

Facebook Pages allow you to post both a profile photo and a cover image. You should post both. Make your profile photo your company’s logo. You have more flexibility with your cover image. Whether it is a photo of your business, staff, or products, keep it relevant.

About Us –

Located right below your profile picture, your “About” section should be completed and kept current.

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Tabs –

You can use up to 10 application tabs. Consider including a Location tab if you have a physical store.

Avoid Spam –

Balance your posts with valuable information and promotions, not just promotions.

Utilize Stats –

Facebook offers some great analytics features for Pages, such as seeing which posts draw the most views.

Article Source: Fremont College School of Digital Marketing

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