How to Choose the Right Platform – Volusion Vs Shopify

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2020)

In this realm of technology, we are sure to avail options in anything and ultimately we are sure to get the best. Yes with variety of ecommerce platforms now we can have an effective online business.

Developing a retail store online is not easy. Only the right ecommerce platform will give the power and serve you with the right tools for lead generation. Hence your only goal should be developing and running your online business successfully.

Volusion Vs Shopify: A 360 View

Volusion Vs Shopify

However, the question remains the same which platform should you choose to start your ecommerce business?

With such a large number of alternatives accessible, we should limit down the decision to the two most focused, mainstream and prevailing online shopping platforms, Volusion or Shopify.

Let’s have a look further to get a detailed comparative survey of both the online business platforms and afterward choose which ecommerce platform you might want to pick.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans stand out to be one of the most crucial factor at the time of attracting customers. Both the ecommerce platforms i.e. Volusion and Shopify serve a variety of pricing plan in respect to the size of business.

Talking about Shopify plans, the minimum plan starts at 29$/month and at the same timeVolusion offers quite less price i.e. $15/month.

Along with this, if considering the transaction fee, Shopify plans charges nearly about 1% to 2% and this charge can be relinquished if you go for Company’s personal payment gateway and when considering about Volusion, it doesn’t charge any transaction fees but to avail any viable Volsuion plan you need to spend a minimum amount of $100.

May be you have to a point that Shopify is expensive, right? But do you know that Volusion plans tend to be more expensive as it includes bandwidth charges. While, Shopify plans have unlimited bandwidth.

The cherry on the cake is both the platforms bring you a 14 day FREE trial, yes you heard me right – Free trail. So now with the free trials you can choose which plan will work best for you.

Ease Of Use

‘Ease’ is nowadays a mainstream aspect required by every person, whether it’s an app or any other object to rely on. So when highlighting Shopify and Volusion, the focus goes on Shopify. Yes! Shopify serves you the ease with its functionality. Read complete Shopify review here

Though both the platforms offer you a detail guide about how to build online store for the respective platforms. They make sure that they simplify ease with their guides.

An online survey says that most of the customers say that Shopify empowers ease while setting their online store when they switched from Volusion to Shopify.

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Both the platforms give a tough competition to each other when comparing their front end and backend features. Each one of has a set of compelling features that are helpful to customers.

Talking about frontend features, Shopify has a simple appearance. It has well integrated social plug-ins, ease of access on smart phones. While, Volusion is equipped with big drop down lists which links to various pages on website.

Surely Volusion is a winner in Checkout category asVolusion has simple one page checkout while Shopify has three-page checkout. Amazing, right? Moreover, Volusion offers a daily deals integration feature along with SmartMatch technology. This technology only displays in-stock product combos.

Moreover, focusing on the backend features, Shopify has everything on one page and this makes the online store setup easy, while volusion has 12 tabs. Yes the simplicity provided by Shopify is unbeatable though the features served by Volusion are more powerful.


Shopify helps you to be on top of search engines in comparison to Volusion, as it sets title tag and custom URL per product which Volusion doesn’t. Shopify upsell apps are a great example of how it can help growth marketers.

While at the time of considering social media integration on stores, Volusion is for sure a winner. It offers a built-in ‘Like’ button for Facebook; unlike Shopify.

Moreover, shopify offers best integrated blogging platform to enable customers to generate new lead.

Well Volusion has just started to offer this function. Hence, Shopify is the winner here. This function in Shopify is more developed and its Content Management system is amazing.

Hence, when comparing every feature of Volusion and Shopify for marketing, it comes to a tie.

Web Design

The look and feel of any ecommerce site always stays as the decision factor for any user ‘whether to stay and explore the products here or not’. Shopify understands this fact easily as Shopify themes are attractive and classy. The Shopify design team offers superb themes for online retail stores.

Moreover, they are not just attractive but they are quite responsive on mobile devices and serve interactive user experience.

The highest theme costs 180$, isn’t that reasonable? While when considering Volusion, it has good number of themes though it’s worth in terms of page flow, font usage and overall appearance. Though the themes are not compatible with mobile devices and themes are quite expensive, say the highest price is $895.

Hence, after mulling over prices and responsiveness of both the sites, Shopify is the winner. The professional look is given a new meaning in Shopify themes.

Inventory Management

When talking about inventory management for two ecommerce giants, the basic plan of Shopify offers just 25 inventory items to add. While when we consider Volusion for the starter plan it offers 100 items for the store inventory.

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Volusion is generous, right? Well before coming to a decision let me tell you other than the basic plan Shopify offers unlimited inventory for all other plans. Amazing, isn’t it? Now if we compare Volusion for other plans, it gives limit on every plan other and just offers unlimited inventory on its highest plan.

As Volusion restricts customers on every plan other the most expensive plan and Shopify offers unlimited inventory for every plan other than the basic plan, it clearly shows Shopify is a clear winner.

Comparing them both shows that Shopify offers better inventory options than Volusion and does not restrict customers subscribed on any plan except the basic plan, while Volusion puts a limit on customers subscribed on every plan except for those subscribed on the most expensive plan.

This wins some major points for Shopify and makes it a more desirable option for customers who wish to open an online retail store with several items on their inventory.

Wrap Up!

So which platform is best? Well at the time of comparing which is better, Volusion or Shopify it is essential to consider each and every feature of these platforms.

Both these platforms offer great features and have an edge in various areas, they know how to stand out from rest. Though again coming to the question, which platform is better?

The answer is Shopify! Yes Shopify is a clear winner in terms of design, simplicity and ease of use.

It proves that it is far better than Volusion and Shopify will be more opted by customers as it is a time saving platform where setting an online store is as easy as blinking the eye. Once the store is ready – the business is ready to roll and ultimately the transaction will begin.

Contact us if you are looking forward to redesign your shopify store and therefore looking for some attractive shopify themes. We surely have something more to add to your current store to make it more attractive and user friendly!

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