9 Best Road Trip Planner Apps to Create a Travel Plan

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2021)

It isn’t always easy to plan a rod trip. It drains your sweat out.  Planning a road trip requires a lot of to-do tasks to accomplish and several apps installed on your mobile phones to plan, organize, and manage the trip from start to finish. These are the best road trip planner apps that can reduce your stress considerably during the journey.

9 Best Road Trip Planner Apps for 2021

If you’re looking for the nearest route to your destination or trying to find out the cheapest filling stations, these apps will give you peace of mind.  Read on our list of free and paid road trip planning apps that you must have on your Android and iPhone. They will make your journey a super-smooth affair.

1. Roadtrippers

Road Trip Planner Apps

The list of best road trip planner apps starts with Roadtrippers. This is so far the finest app I have seen.  Using the app’s premium features (available for few bucks of course), you can plan your journey even better.

The app lets you add up to 150 stops through the journey, collaborate with friends or family, and explore a great place to hang out and enjoy. This app is free to download and you can access its standard features without paying a penny.

  • Plan longer trips
  • No Ads
  • Offline Maps
  • Collaboration
  • New Map Styles
  • Live Traffic

However, to get your hand into premium and exclusive app features, you have to subscribe to Roadtrippers Plus for $29.99 a year.  The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

2. Google Maps – Route Planner

This is everyone’s favorite navigation app. It’s available on almost every android device. Besides navigation, you can use the app for many things that you may want to do during your journey.

  • Detailed street maps
  • Live View
  • Better Navigation

Not only the Google Maps provide you accurate navigation from source to destination but also help you with real-time updates about traffic conditions, nearby stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. This common road trip planner app is available for download on Android and iOS.

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3. Waze

Road Trip Planner Apps

Our next road trip planning application is Waze. This is an excellent app that provides real-time updates on traffic jams, construction, and more so that you can plan your route accordingly. Waze makes city navigation hassles an easy-going affair.

  • Set and go
  • Find a gas station
  • Help others find you
  • Find out when to leave
  • Customize your drive
  • Prevent a speeding ticket
  • Sync with your calendar

Waze counts on social interactions and relies on the data and information provided by users. Users can share information such as nearby collisions, police radar, and traffic jams to keep the community and commuters updated about the busy and safe routes so that they can make wise decisions for a smooth journey.

4. Gasbuddy

This is a community-driven road trip planner app that can help you save time and money. This isn’t a trip planner. Instead, it can help you save few bucks on gas prices around.

  • Find Gas
  • Pay with GasBuddy
  • GasBack
  • Trip Cost Calculator
  • Outage Tracker

Community users can share the prices of gas on different filling stations on the way so that you can find the cheapest gas station for fueling your car.

5. Hotel Tonight

Road Trip Planner Apps

Finding budget hotels with all the amenities is the toughest part of trip planning. Timely hotel booking can complement your trip with utmost comfort and relaxation. Hotel Tonight is an app that can help you find a hotel quickly and cheaply when you need that most. The app lets you clinch last-minute hotel deals with massive discounts, early-bird offers, and exclusive lounge access.

6. iExit App

iExit app allows you detailed information about the next exits including the nearby gas stations and prices there. Using the app, you can search for the next 100 exits right from your current location. The only downside of the app is that they are accessible to US users only. The app can’t be accessed in offline mode.

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With the iExit trip planner, you can easily find stops for food, gas, and bathroom breaks during the journey. Thanks to the app’s inbuilt GPS that provides cues and suggestions about stops and halts based on your location.

7. Packpoint – Itinerary Planner

Road Trip Planner Apps

Packpoint is another super excellent trip organizer app with a highly intuitive user interface. The app comes packed with a built-in library of items that you can add or remove as needed. During your journey, you can add up multiple destinations for a single trip.

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While providing you the best assistance during a commute the app takes into consideration the length of your trip and the expected weather conditions. The app costs $2.99 and up for download on iOS and Android.

8. ParkMe

As the name implies, ParkMe assists you in settling down parking woes during the journey. ParkMe claims its parking database to be the most accurate and largest one. to be the world’s largest and most accurate parking database.

  • Check daily and monthly rates for lots
  • Set our parking timer to avoid overstay
  • See real-time info on available parking spots
  • Get directions to the nearest lot entrance

Using the app you can book a parking spot right through the app after comparing prices across parking providers. The app turns to be a great companion if you’re driving around major cities in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

9. OpenTable

OpenTable Adds Delivery

OpenTable helps to find a place for dining during the journey. The app houses filters and categories to help you sort out nearby restaurants by cuisine and menu and make reservations. The app also provides personalized recommendations based on your eating and brunch preferences. This road trip planner is one of the top location-based food apps available.

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