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(Last Updated On: December 14, 2020)

If you are a music lover and know the principle of production, robust music production app and software will be your weapon to build your music arsenal. Music production software has come as the savior for produces. There is a plethora of software out there that works wonders and brings your idea into music.

These software products are ruling the heart of music producers. With so many out there picking the right one can be a daunting decision. This is a compilation of the best top 10 music audio production software to make your life easier.

Best Digital Music Production Software

A software for music production is an electronic device or software application that allows the user to record, edit, and produce audio files. There are simple to complex DAW from which you have to choose based on your need and level of production.

1. Image-Line FL Studio

music production software

This software answers the prayer of a music producer. Produced as a fruity loop, this DAW holds an incomparable status for generations by producers especially by hip hop and EDM producers. This version can be used on macOS without the need for a clunky workaround.

This guy brings almost everything that is needed for making music including composition, arrangement, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. With the producer edition, you can record both internal and external audio without breaking a sweat.

It comes guaranteed with full audio recording and post-production. Image-Line offers lifetime free upgrades to the users of FL Studio, which means that all existing users of the software can upgrade to version 20 on both platforms automatically.

  • Excellent Piano Roll
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Proven Quality
  • Free Updates for Life
  • Great Synth Sounds
  • Great for EDM producers

2. Ableton Live 10 Suite – Best Music Production Software

Ableton Live 10 is one of the most loved DAW software that is available in the market. The software promises a smooth and fluid music production experience to the users. The power-packed features of the software do justice to the promise made.

The software when released in 2001 threw the traditional design rulebook out and established itself as the best program for the composers. It has advanced warping features allowing you the change the tempo in real-time and the part is you need not stop the music.

Another feature that makes this software stand out is, the library of samples that offers more than 5000 sounds and 57 different effects. 10 different electronic items are built into this software.

  • More Than 5,000 Sounds to Choose From
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • User-Friendly View
  • 57 Effects
  • Affordable Price
  • Trusted brand – Ableton Live
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3. PreSonus Studio One

music production software

Studio One has been taking the stage for a year now and it is one of the powerful and mature music production software for windows. Version 4 has included harmonic editing of the monophonic and polyphonic audio along with MIDI tracks.

This allows the automatic shifty of the song or elements to user-defined key and chord progression. 4.5 version of this software includes more than 70 features in response to the request of the users. The sound quality is also clear and it can support Audio up to 384 kHz.

  • Fresh Design
  • Pristine Audio
  • 37 Native Effects
  • Two Virtual Instruments
  • Unlimited Tracks

4. Cockos Reaper 6

The reaper is something for producers who are not in the know. It is an affordable cross-platform DAW with a tiny footprint and sophisticated MIDI or audio routing capabilities. The demo is functional completely, after 30 days you can keep using the software by paying the license fee.

If you are looking for customizable software then this is the one for you. It is highly responsive from scrolling and zooming to fader moves and item editing. The latest edition of reaper does a great job like its elder.

  • Amazing value for money
  • Sophisticated MIDI/audio routing capabilities
  • Tiny storage footprint
  • Doesn’t come with loads of plugins

5. Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software

Cuban is without any doubt is one of the best music production software with great plugin effects and instruments. The tools are advanced and are intuitive giving a helping hand to everyone who wants to produce sound in pristine quality.

It features a complete toolset for MIDI composing and sequencing. The software also comes with tools such as the Drum, the Score, and List Editors. The app not only produces the highest quality of sound but it is also easy for the producer to use.

You can also do things like pitch alteration of monophonic signals and integrated vocal editing, fast-take comping, and smart multi-track editing.

  • MixConsole
  • Groove Agent SE
  • HALion SE 3 Workstation
  • Very Versatile
  • Premium, Professional Software
  • Refined workflow
  • Lots of bundled content

6. Reason 10 Multitrack Recording Software

The Propellerhead software became Reason Studios and they released a version of the rack based DAW. The version introduced the Reason Rack Plugin using which the core tool of this DAW can be used as a VST 3 or AU plugin within another DAW.

Another smart addition to version 11 is the ability to use the SSL modeled mixer of DAW as individual devices. This works like wonder with the use of the reason rack plugin. You can still use Reason as your main DAW.

  • Unique rack-based workflow
  • Great SSL-modeled mixer
  • You can use the devices as a plugin

7. Cakewalk by BandLab

music production software

Cakewalk produced by sonar is something more than just a modern audio production software. It is one of the most advanced and top-notch music software that you can find in the market. It allows users to download a huge number of updates.

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The latest feature comes with all sorts of improvements, new features, fixes, tutorials, and more. The updates are easy to navigate and control with the control center of the cakewalk. It is a great DAW for any musician no matter their level of expertise.

  • single-window interface
  • the analog strip
  • addictive drumming sounds
  • variety of virtual instruments
  • Flexible ProChannel modules

8. Apple Logic Pro

This is an amazing digital music production software for one with a Mac. The interface of the software is very advanced with the inclusion of track consolidation (track stack), instrument layering, plug-in control, and a “score editor”.

The score editor allows you to create your own MIDI. It also has a virtual drummer feature with an interactive set of drums for the visual implementation of the drums. It also has a new step sequencer, overhauled samples, and new tools for the electronic beatmakers.

  • Great value
  • Tried and tested workflow
  • Comes with loads of content

9. ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation

music production software

When it comes to music audio production software, the acid pro is truly a masterpiece. It comes with various features such as multi-track mixing, home recording, legendary audio loop manipulation, and comprehensive MIDI sequencing for great music creation.

The interactive tutorials will help you get going through the app. Some of the noteworthy features are MIDI track freeze, the dedicated mixing console, tempo curves, input busses, and great format support. This is a great software that can run on any average computer.

10. Bitwig Studio

Though this is an infant in terms of DAW, the software performs comparatively well. The reputation of Bitwig in the market is it is one of the most inventive music production software in the market. The latest version has a significant feature called The Grid which is a new type of device that renders a fully modular environment to Bitwig Studio’s toolkit.

  • Flexible modulation system
  • Built-in modular environment
  • Genuinely forward-thinking set of features.

Bottom Line:

The market has a wide array of studio music production software that helps the producer to bring amazing outputs. You can choose the one that suits you best based on your level of experience and affordability.

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