10 Best Language Learning Apps for 2021


There are many ways to learn a new language. If you aspire to be a polyglot, and you feel that you don’t have the time or money for traditional language classes you can try one of these applications, and you can begin learning from anywhere, anytime! Learning a language can be extremely fun and unconventional.

Best Free Language Learning Apps of 2021

Some of the benefits of online learning applications include 24/7 access, modern learning technology, and a comprehensive and systematic approach. Language learning apps are also great for children since they are familiarizing them from an early age with a language in an interactive and fun way!

Many of the following apps focus on different aspects of learning a language, so you can choose which one better suits your needs. Below are the top 10 language learning apps:

1. Duolingo Language Learning App

Language Learning App

Duolingo is an American language learning app that uses a freemium model as revenue; that means that they offer the app free of charge but have a premium service that has more benefits.

Duolingo’s Key Features:

  • Organized, Progressive Lessons
  • Option to Strengthen Skills
  • Immediate sentence building
  • A Wide Array of Languages
  • Goal Setting
  • Gamification
  • Duolingo Targets Multiple Skills
  • Few Options for More Advanced Speakers

Duolingo offers 106 language courses in 40 languages as of June 2021. They have language courses that are very short and even if you don’t have time you can do a small lesson that will take you 5 to 10 minutes.

Duolingo also offers daily goals to keep you motivated with push notifications that remind you to meet your goals. It is structured in a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed while you are actively learning! Duolingo as of 2020 had 500 million users and 40 million monthly active users.

2.  Babbel – Learn Spanish & More

Babbel has been voted the #1 learning app of 2021! It focuses more on getting you acquainted with everyday conversations, and its courses are 10 to 15 minutes long. It has a great review system among others to help you stay in touch and remember what you learn, and is highly interactive in the form of dialogues, so you can start speaking confidently!

Babbel Features

  • 14 languages to choose from.
  • 10-15 minute, bite-sized lessons
  • Lessons covering a wide range of topics
  • Speech recognition technology

Babbel offers 14 languages at the moment: Danish, Polish, English, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Norwegian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Babbel states that 92% of its users improve their language proficiency in just 2 months!

3. Busuu – Learn Languages – Spanish, Japanese & More

Language Learning App

Busuu was founded in 2008 and as of 2020 it offers language courses in 12 languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Busuu features:

  • Grammar units
  • Official certificates
  • Level completion certificates
  • Vocabulary Trainer
  • Offline Mode
  • Conversations

Busuu has been described as a language learning app for goal-oriented users. Its study material is arranged by themes around basic conversational scenarios. In that way, you can familiarize yourself with everyday conversations and improve your language fluency.

4.  Mondly

Mondly has been described as the app that helps you remember specific phrases. Mondly is another freemium platform and as of 2017, they offer Mondly VR, the first virtual reality language learning app that includes speech recognition.

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It has over 70 million downloads and is ideal for children! Due to its speech recognition, Mondly will help you tremendously in correcting your pronunciation.

5.  Memrise– Fun & Fast Language Learning App

Memrise is another great app for learning a new language. It is unique due to its instructors that are all native speakers – in that sense, Memrise is considered a user-generated content platform. Memrise offers courses in 24 different languages and is specialized in enhancing your memory.

Memrise Features:

  • Learn New Words
  • Grammar
  • Classic Review
  • Speed Review
  • Difficult Words
  • Listening Skills
  • Learn with Locals
  • Pronunciation

Through the method of spaced repetition, the user marks quick progress while acquiring the language he/she is learning. Within the Memrise platform, you can choose a course that is customized to your needs.

For example, if you are learning French, so you can go to France and speak fluently in everyday conversations, Memrise has a specialized course for that! Aside from the traveling course, you can also choose the culture or the moving abroad course that is specialized in preparing you for the real-life situations you’ll encounter. Memrise as of 2021, has over 50 million users!

6.  LinguaLift – The Complete Language Learning System

LinguaLift has a series of services and is cost-effective but not completely free of charge. It offers a dedicated tutor, a customized study plan based on your needs and interests, multiple languages with one subscription, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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As of 2021, it offers three languages: Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew. As a new user, you can start by attending a free lesson, where you can decide if this language learning application is for you or not. Lingualift’s uniqueness comes from its cultural immersion that is evident in its lessons and courses.

7.  HelloTalk – Learn Languages for Free

Language Learning App

HelloTalk is another unique app you should take into consideration when choosing which platform you’ll learn a new language. The app offers you the opportunity to get a language partner that you can speak or chat or call through the in-app messenger.

HelloTalk Features:

  • Voice chat
  • Text chat
  • Camera share
  • Doodle share
  • Smileys and other features

The concept behind this app is that native speakers of different languages teach each other through conversations. So for example, if you are an American you can learn Italian from an Italian and in return you teach them English!

8.  TripLingo

Triplingo is another great language learning app that is mostly focused on learning and traveling. It is great at translating phrases and teaching you the local dialect! It offers travel and local tips, a built-in Wifi-dialer that you can make international calls from, and a culture guide with an instant voice translator and interactive phrasebook.

TripLingo Features:

  • Voice Translator
  • Phrasebook
  • Wi-Fi Dialer
  • Learning Tools
  • Safety Tools
  • Tip Calculator
  • Culture Notes
  • Travel Tools

It also includes safety tips like “What’s the 911 number in France?” and an array of language learning tools and lessons like interactive flashcards and an intelligent quiz mode to help you remember specific phrases in your downtime. Triplingo also includes a tip calculator according to the country you’re visiting!

9.  Tandem – Master Any Language

Tandem is the #1 language exchange app. It’s based on the idea that native speakers can teach each other languages! From July 2020 Tandem offers over 300 languages and among them 20 sign languages and 20 indigenous languages!

Tandem Features:

  • Unlimited translations
  • Ad-free experience
  • Find language partners in the same city
  • Appear at the top of the Community stream
  • Access to profile view insights.

Unlike the other apps, in Tandem you need to apply to become a member. Each application is reviewed individually to ensure that both parties – you and your language partner- will learn a language successfully.

10. Mango – Personalized Language Learning

Language Learning App

Mango is a unique language learning app that adapts to your level and speed of learning! It includes listening and reading activities, a simple all-in-one interface that shows all the content and your progress all in one page, and a personalized review system.

Mango Language App Features:

  • Practical, real-world conversations
  • Auto play for hands-free, on-the-go learning
  • Essential cultural insights
  • Linguist-approved language courses
  • Studio-recorded native-speaker audio
  • Individualized spaced-repetition review system
  • Downloadable lessons for offline access
  • Interactive listening and reading exercises

Mango also offers critical thinking exercises, memory-building exercises, grammar notes, and culture notes. Mango has over 70 languages and 500 learning resources you can choose from. Mango aside from offering language learning packages for individuals also has programs for educators, libraries, and even governments!


When deciding which learning app to pick, think about your needs and interests. Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Do you need to start from level 0? Do you want to meet someone new to give you that extra motivation to study? Are you a goal-oriented person? Are you traveling and learning a new language simultaneously?

Choosing a learning app can be difficult. Friendly advice: you should choose one language learning application and stick to it, don’t download 3 different learning apps because you’ll never reach your goals!

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