Top 10 Best Free Audio Recording Software In 2021

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2021)

Do you wish to take quick notes? Rest assured that voice notes would be the most efficient way to ensure you have what you require for future references. Smartphones have made voice recording relatively convenient. Consider installing a recording software on your phone, connect a decent microphone, and begin your voice recording.

Best Free Audio Recording Software Programs

However, often the recorded voice is seldom audible or has poor quality. The voice recording software would help record flawless quality. Therefore, consider looking for the best quality software for your voice recording needs. Find below a list of free audio recording software suitable for your needs.

1. Cleanfeed – Audio Recording Software

Audio Recording Software

This customized tool for live audio and radio recording would require you to sign in through your browser and begin recording the audio. You need not download any additional software. It works on autopilot when you begin recording in the browser. It mixes the audio and makes suitable adjustments to offer high-quality audio.

  • Built-in recording
  • Multiple parties
  • Connect to anyone
  • High-quality audio

The features include built-in recording, high-quality audio, handle remote guests, and do not need several signups. There are no time limits to recording interviews online with remote guests. It works without restricting the number of guests you could host.

2. Wavosaur

This strong audio processing tool has several features thereby enabling the user to record high-quality sound. The best free processing tool offers basic features for recording audio, exiting it, or mixing it to serve all kinds of purposes. The basic interface does not harm the experience with unwanted aesthetics.

  • Resample, bit-depth convert, pitch shift, vocal removal
  • Auto-trim, silence remover, interpolate
  • Exporting multiple wav file from regions
  • Import, save, and edit loop points & markers information in wav files
  • Batch processing
  • Export files as a text for use in software

The tool could produce music loops, audio conversation, sound designing, and more. It supports VST plugins, real-time effect processing, and multichannel WAV files. Additional features include a basic and clean user interface and audio editing. This simple tool is great for basic audio recording without modern features.

3. Avid Pro Tools

Audio Recording Software

This decently solid audio workstation assists upcoming musicians to create music without investing in musical instruments heavily. Avid Pro Tool is remarkable for composing music and recording quality audio. It has a decent user interface making both composing and recording elements relatively easier.

  • Timeline
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Track rendering
  • Mixdown
  • Session data exchange
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Field recorder workflows
  • Multi-system linking and device synchronization

The tool enables cloud collaboration, thereby allowing you to work with numerous artists for creating a great music piece together online. It offers features such as MIDI editing, loop recording, numerous musical pre-sets, and auxiliary tracks for creating great music. It enables you to share music directly from the software.

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4. Adobe Audition – Audio recording and editing software

The best audio workstation comes equipped with several features enabling you to record, mix, edit, and restore audio for serving a wide range of purposes. The waveform, multi-track display feature, integrating audio clips in a single file, and supporting several audio file types would enable the users to make the most of the tool.

  • Add tracks and delete empty tracks
  • Zoom to time
  • Effects and presets migrationDeReverb & DeNoise effects
  • Improved playback and recording performance
  • Improved multitrack UI
  • On-clip gain control and waveform scaling
  • Clip spotting
  • Compound media import

It also enables the user to repair audio breaks and create audio files in several formats. If you were searching for an audio workstation tool providing several features for creating an ideal podcast, rest assured that Adobe Audition is your best bet.

5. QuickTime

Audio Recording Software

The tool enables the users to record ongoing audio and video on their max conveniently. It would also capture audio or video on iOS devices. The tool enables you to edit, split or trim your recorded audio conveniently using the editing features offered by QuickTime.

Other features include video and audio recording, video and audio editing, a modern and sleek user interface, and the ability to switch between high & medium quality during audio recording. However, this primary video editing tool would also help you capture audio on your Mac or iOS screen easily.

6. Ocenaudio

This smart editing software offers a great audio recording and editing feature. Ocenaudio offers a great audio recorder working as a strong and fine editor as well. Its great-looking user interface offers several advanced features that are relatively easy to operate.

  • VST plugins support
  • Real-time preview of effects
  • Cross-platform support
  • Multi-selection for delicate editions
  • Efficient editing of large files
  • Fully featured spectrogram

The tool enables the user to make the most of numerous audio effects while editing and previewing them simultaneously. It works well on Windows, Linux, and Max efficiently. Additional features include quick and ease of usage.

7. Ardour – Digital audio workstation

This great audio recording tool for musicians would offer a complete workstation for recording and editing both voice and music. It emphasizes the enhancement of recorded voice. The software is compatible with all kinds of operating systems prevalent today.

  • Flexible Recording
  • Unlimited Multichannel Tracks
  • Routing
  • Solo/Listen Model
  • Inline Plugin Control
  • Mix Groups
  • Post-export analysis

The clean interface and intuitive features would assist in enhancing the overall quality of recorded audio. It would enable you to cut, split or stretch your recorded audio easily.

The software enables multi-track audio recording and editing, importing MIDI files along with audio from the hard drive of your computer or free sound database for mixing audio and getting creative with your recordings.

8. Apple GarageBand

Audio Recording Software

Despite being a good voice recorder, the software is popular in the music community as a strong musical workstation. The musical software enables the user to create beats with natural-sounding voices and numerous musical instrument effects.

  • Music lessons
  • Additional audio loops
  • Third-party instrument and Apple Loop packages
  • Sample multitrack source files
  • Audio recording
  • Virtual software instruments.
  • Guitar features
  • MIDI editing
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It comes equipped with numerous effects and amps for recording audio and creating great music. Additional features include powerful Synths, music creation without instruments, intuitive, and modern user interface.

9. WavePad – Audio Editing Software

This intuitive voice recording software has a clean and basic user interface. It comprises a range of advanced features earning its place for recording audio, mixing it, editing silences, and eliminating the background noises.

  • Player includes Scrub/Cue control
  • Support MDI, MME, DirectSound, and ASIO playback
  • Surround sound editor
  • A Frequency Spectrogram View
  • Editing capabilities including Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Insert
  • Supports a number of file formats

The program provides a more personalized experience through removal and configuring tools as per the convenience of the user. The software offers several filters and effects for manual and automatically enhancing the quality of recorded audio. It mixes and splits audio files and offers a personalized toolbar.

10. Audacity – cross-platform audio software

Audio Recording Software

This amazing audio recording software caters to the user numerous features despite being free to use and open source. It is compatible with all systems inclusive of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Having a clean interface does not hamper the user experience with unwanted graphics and aesthetics.

  • Record live sound and audio playback on a PC
  • Convert music tapes and save them to MP3 to CD
  • Edit multiple audio formats
  • Take different sound documents and duplicate, cut, blend, or graft them together.
  • Change the pitch or speed of a sound recording

The simple appearance of the tool has phenomenal features to offer inclusive of setting up external equipment to enable recording, editing, and mixing audio to suit your specific needs. The tool could be used for adjusting treble and bass while accessing frequency analysis.


With numerous robust and contemporary tools at your behest, rest assured that voice recording has been relatively easy. Consider making the most of the aforementioned tools for your specific needs.

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