10 Best Algebra Calculator Apps to Download


These days, technology has revolutionized the world. With the immense invention, everyone is dependent on online for varying needs. For college and school students, the calculator is one of the essential needs for today for Algebra II, Algebra III, pre-calculus, and introductory statistics.

Algebra problems are more complex and complex to understand. But, now solving these complex problems is made easy with the inventions of the online Algebra Calculators. You can easily solve your answers and understand the steps.

Online Algebra Calculator for Solving Math Problems

In this fast-forward century, we don’t have only calculators that fit in your small computers. Also, it is the advanced one that doesn’t require users to install them on their machine. Here we have listed the best Algebra calculator to perform basic math calculations to solve complex financial questions.

1. MathPapa Algebra Calculator

Best Algebra Calculator

MathPapa is one of the advanced calculators which is used to solve linear and quadratic equations and inequalities. The well-known Mathpapa algebra calculator helps to solve algebra problems easily.

You can easily get the step-by-step solutions, graph your equations and solve quadratic and linear equations. Also, you can evaluate expressions, graph equations, and quadratic factor expressions.

MathPapa Calculator Features:

  • Solve
  • Solve for Variable
  • Practice Mode
  • Simplify
  • Factor
  • Step-By-Step
  • Evaluate
  • Graph

Mathpapa is a well-solved calculator, which students, teachers, and parents love. Without any assistance, you can easily understand and clear your doubts using MathPapa. Also, you can easily do your homework.

2. Desmos Algebra Solver

Desmos is an advanced featured online scientific calculator to solve the equations. You can easily interface the tabs and make calculations in degrees and radians, pie values, angles, powers, percentages, and round numbers. Its featured table enables users to enter letters and special characters.

Desmos Calculator Features:

  • Professional Learning
  • Get Started with Activities
  • Distance Learning
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Four Function
  • Geometry Tool
  • Matrix Calculator
  • Classroom Activities

Its setting menu has different options for projector mode, reverse contrast and Braille mode, etc. This calculator explores math with visual function, plot points, animate graphs, and visualize algebraic equations.

Suppose you have any doubts regarding your mathematical problems, look for an algebra calculator online. With the use of the app, you can easily find out the solution and understand it clearly.

3. Photomath Algebra Math Calculator

Best Algebra Calculator

Photomath helps solve problems in a snap, and it is almost every student’s gadget struggling with math. When you look for an algebra calculator free, Photomath is on the list, which is free and ready for offline use.

Photomath Calculator Features:

  • Recognizes handwriting
  • solution with step by step instructions
  • Answers in graphical form
  • Simple user-interface
  • Light-weighted app
  • Graphs
  • Smart Calculator
  • Supports multi-platform

It is the best calculator for students who are willing to solve problems at their convenience. It is the most comprehensive math app covering algebraic equations, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and calculus.

With its more context and explanation, Photomath algebra solver helps you to understand word problems easily. You can solve multiple questions with the animated guides. Also, you will understand every step clearly. Photomath is the best algebraic calculator, which everyone should use.

4. Wolfram|Alpha Algebra Equation Solver

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational intelligence that answers even non-math questions. This is a cool app, which is an equation-solving application.

Wolfram|Alpha Features:

  • Integrals
  • Derivatives
  • Limits
  • Sequences
  • Sums
  • Products
  • Series Expansions
  • Applications of Calculus

It answers your questions, and for your math problems, it provides specific solution step-by-step actions. On this Algebra math calculator, you will get a better insight into your question and easily understand the problems.

5. Brainly

Brainly is one of the apps that is like “Quora” for students’ homework. In this calculator, students can post questions and get answers from students, experts, and certified professionals about the subject.

You are likely to get quick answers. With 200 million users on this site, there is no surprise. Not only will this app help you with algebraic equations. Also, you can ask about Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Philosophy, and more.

By clarifying the doubts, the students can even become a master and help their fellow students ace their homework.

6. Mathway

Best Algebra Calculator

Mathway goes straight forward in math-related questions. The good thing is that Mathway calculus calculator solves equations. Are that calculus review and algebra assignment scratching your scalp? Mathway helps with its clear path.

Mathway Features:

  • Basic Math/Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry/Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Linear Equation Calculator

This Algebra 2 calculator instantly helps you by step-by-step calculation with one tap. Mathway is a great tool to learn and solve math in an easy way. When students face number-crunching dilemmas, it is the best tool to solve your queries.

7. Cymath Algebra Calculator

Cymath helps to solve the problem and understand your most confusing handwriting and anecdotes. Yes, with a snapshot of your handwritten math equation, Cymath will help to solve it.

Mathway Features:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra

If you get the paid subscription, this Algebra calculator with steps provides the solutions to a wide array of math problems with clear explanations. You can easily answer your homework in algebra, trigonometry, and graphing.

This is a very intelligent linear equation calculator that tackles asymptotes, intercepts, and graph generation. Cymath is the best ideal tool for students to solve algebraic calculations.

8. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is a unique algebraic equation solver that helps to solve the equation easily. This is the most interactive boolean algebra calculator. In this, you can proceed with the numbers and letters.

MyScript Calculator Features:

  • Write and calculate
  • Edit calculations
  • Automatic vs. on demand
  • Display mode
  • Write on several lines
  • Write several calculations
  • Drag and drop
  • Memory bar

You can easily add elements, edit the gestures, and decide the results will be in decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers. Without using a keyboard, you can write equations. MyScript Calculator is one of the best calculators, which is helpful when studying with a group.

You can easily export the equations. Making use of this calculator, you can easily understand the concepts.

9. Math with your friends

Best Algebra Calculator

Did you want a studying assistant? Well, plan a game. Install Math with your friend’s app and play a mobile educational game. It is like words. You can easily understand math with fun. Its challenger mode will make it an ice-breaker game and teach you the most familiar concepts with algebraic equations.

10. Socratic – Math and Homework Help

Socratic – Math and Homework Help is a smart app that helps you when you get unstuck from the hard stuff. Students don’t need to battle with their homework. This app has a giant database of Google AI which is dug using your voice, camera, or keyboard.

The visual lessons, videos, curated study guides, and step-by-step explanations will help you to solve algebraic equations. Also, if you have any doubts in other subjects Geography, Environmental Science, Philosophy, History, Physics, Chemistry, and more, Socratic is there. With its help, you can easily finish your assignments, projects, and exams.

Wrapping it up

These are the best college algebra calculator that helps to solve the complex math problem in a tough time. Surely, using these calculators will make you smart and nudge you on your way.

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