5 Unusual Ways to Beat Gaming Fatigue

Most gamers have experienced fatigue after playing for a long duration of time. Back pain, eye strain and muscle pulls are increasingly becoming common among this group of people. To keep enjoying your favourite games, you need to find out why your body behaves this way, and how to combat these effects when gaming.

Most gamers use different ways to beat gaming fatigue. Whether it’s purchasing specialized equipment or getting creative with decorating, there are a lot of things that could help. Below are unusual tips that you could try.

1. A desk that encourages Feng Shui should do it

A cluttered desk that forces you to move things out of the way when playing will increase your fatigue levels drastically. That’s why gamers should use proper gaming desk that come with stands to hold gaming equipment such as controller storages, headsets, speak trays, DVD’s and cup holder.

Not only is a clear work space good decorating practice, it allows you to think properly and to stay in that space for a longer time. This will make long gaming sessions a lot bearable.

2. Soft lighting will go a long way

Gamers and other regular computer users suffer from computer vision syndrome. After playing your game for a long period of time, you may begin to have headaches, eyestrains or blurred vision.

To avoid this, ensure that the lighting in the game room and computer is comfortable on the eyes. The room should be softly lit to avoid great contrast between the room and your computer. It’s also important to give your eyes a b1reak if you begin to feel eye strain.

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 3. Use a height adjustable desk

Research shows that many gamers are now using adjustable desks. Such tables allow users to stay comfortable while playing regardless of their positioning or height. The desks also have more leg room that will enable you to move around during a game without knocking your knees.

4. Your bottoms and hamstrings should carry your weight

When gaming, distribute your weight evenly between your bottoms and hamstring. Your feet should support the weight of your legs. In addition, relax all muscle that you are not using at the time. If you are applying very little strain on your body, you won’t get fatigued quickly.

5. Get a desk with swinging compartments

When playing a game for a long duration of time, you want a desk that will allow you to switch positions without breaking concentration.

A desk with swing compartments will make it easier to do that. It will also allow you to move the keyboard out of the way to free up space or change their seating direction to avoid fatigue caused by maintaining the same posture for long durations of time.

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It is possible to game for long periods of time without getting tired. Simply listen to your body and engage in action that will make it easier to game longer. Whether that is buying a comfortable piece of equipment or regularly stepping away from your desk, you can do something that will comfortably allow you to play for longer. Most importantly, get medical help if your body muscles continuously ache after gaming.

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