5 Apps Every Traveller Needs to Try

If you’re a frequent traveller then no doubt you’ve run into your fair share of travel disasters and have a few horror stories to tell as a result. So, what if there was a way to make travelling just that little bit easier?

5 Necessary Travel Apps

A helping hand for when you’re having a translation nightmare or a weather tip-off to ensure you’re packing all the right things. Thankfully, for every stage in your journey there’s a fabulous app that can help!

Here’s a look at 5 apps every traveller needs to try:

1: Trip It:

If you love your trips organised down to every last detail, then this is the ideal app for you. Trip It is basically an itinerary that allows you to input every aspect of your trip. Whenever you get an email about your upcoming trip, you can forward it to the app that will then begin to create your itinerary.

This means you can organise and manage yourself for everything, from your flight information to your hotel booking confirmation. Everything you need will be in one place!

2: Google Translate:

If you struggle with the local lingo beyond ‘where is the bar?’ whenever you’re away, then you may find Google Translate beneficial. It will eliminate the language barrier practically wherever you are in the world as it supports 58 different languages via text and can hear 23 foreign phrases.

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3: Hopper:

If you’re constantly hopping from one flight to the next with your earplugs and travel pillow in tow, then you may want to download Hopper. It doesn’t just let you book flights on your phone, but it also helps you to save money as it tells you when it do it.

With information on how to get the best price and biggest savings. Once you’ve searched for your flight, the app will let you know whether to wait until the price drops or buy now.

4: Trip Advisor:

A firm favourite with practically anyone who’s ever been on holiday, Trip Advisor is a must-have app. Not only do you get customer reviews of local businesses and hotels, but you can also find travel guides of the most popular destinations, attractions and more.

You’ll no longer have to suffer the experience of a gross restaurant or below par hotel with this little powerful app on your phone.

5: Weather Channel App

Want to know exactly what clothes to pack for your next trip? Try the Weather Channel app. It will let you know what the weather is at the moment, and what it will be for the weeks ahead. Not only will this save you time and money when you’ve got to rush to buy last minute appropriate holiday attire, but it will also help you to pack more efficiently.

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What Apps Will You Try?

Make travelling a breeze with these simple yet helpful apps specifically designed to prevent any more travel disasters. Whether you want to plan your trip thoroughly with Trip It or just browse the best restaurants in the area on Trip Advisor, keep these handy apps on your phone for your next trip.

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