10 Free and Paid Tools to Convert JPG to Word Online

Talking about the various tools involved in the conversion of the images, we have a list of tools to convert jpg to word. This is important or needs when you want to edit the particularly handwritten file or you have the hard copy of it. That is the time you will have to scan the files and the scanned files appear as jpg format.

Best Online jpg to Word Converter

Once the files are uploaded in the jpg format we can easily convert them into the word documents by the involvement of various applications or tools available online as well as offline.

These tools can help us edit and make changes in the files. So editing can thus become easier while using this method to edit in the hand-scanned documents. So here is the list which determines various tools for conversion of jpg to word document easily and efficiently.

1. HiPDF

This tool gives greater and good results so placed in the 1st position of the top tools to convert jpg to word. This is a free tool available online for the users and helps them to work in all the windows. One of its distinct features is that even you can process it offline.

Another distinct feature is that this is the safe tool for uploading the files as it is developed with a feature that indicates that the files uploaded delete automatically once 60 minutes are over for the files. Its wide applicability in multiple devices and user-friendly use are the benefits of this tool.

2. Online OCR

This is another very easy tool used to convert the format easily without any difficulty and issues. It works with a minimal approach and can convert up to 15 files at a time. So its fast work and user-friendly applicability make it a good and a high demanding tool for the conversion.

Also, it has available different 46 languages which can be input in the word doc. And there is no need for registration in these tools required. But at the same time, this tool is not successful when it comes to advertisements because using these tools lots of ads are displayed and this becomes annoying.

3. Zamzar

Convert JPG to Word

This is another free tool to convert word to jpg available online and which is very easy to use. Also, this tool does not have any complicated functions to be performed so even the beginners can do it easily without any difficulty.

Also, the files size up to 100 MB can be uploaded on to this and one distinct feature of this is that you can directly mail the documents once converted. So the sharing option gives it good use. Also, you can send over google drive or dropbox. But at the same time, you cannot convert more than 15 files at a time.

4. PDF Convert Online

This is an online tool available that converts the files of different formats and makes the work easier. Also, it has the OCR feature which makes it distinct from the other tools available.

Also, it compresses the size of the files without changing the quality and thus makes it easier for uploading. It also has the drag/drop option available through which we can easily upload the files over the tool to get converted. But like other tools, even this tool has an illness that it can convert only the files size up to 40 MB.

5. Online2PDF

Convert JPG to Word

This is another jpg to word converter online available online is easier to use and has wide application. It provides results in 6 different languages and offers easy applicability. This tool is specially designed to convert files in bulk and the most important of that is that it does not involve a lot of time for this and the conversion is easier.

Drag and drop feature is also available so you can easily drop the files in large number and get them converted easily without any difficulty and issue. The only disadvantage of this is that it shows different ads pop-ups which sometimes interrupts in the work and disturbs.

6. Convertio

This is another online jpg to word converter tool available but this is not the free tool anymore. Moreover, you need to subscribe to this to enjoy its features.  Also, it can convert up to 100 MB size of the file. Another feature is that it is very easy to use and does not involve some technical issues.

Also, you get an option of drag and drop from the google drive as well so you can even save the files back into that very easily. The only ill of this is that it involves money for conversion as it is not free.

7. Smallpdf

this is another tool that helps to convert the jpg file formats to word very easily. All you need to do is upload the files online and the file conversion takes place easily. Another feature of this is that you can be all safe with this tool as this tool automatically deletes your files once they are converted.

So even some confidential files can be converted and edited easily using this tool. Also, this tool was the first tool designed for the same. Also other than this, there are some of the other features available.

8. Ease PDF

Convert JPG to Word

This is another powerful tool available for conversion of the jpg files to word document and from wherein you can easily edit the files without any difficulty and issue. You get an option of varying the different output quality but it is not as significant as the others.

So you can only convert files easily without changing the quality of it if you want to get good results easily and without any difficulty. You can also drag and drop your files in this easily and convert the files very fast.

9. PDF Converter

This is another word to jpg converter online tool for users in the list You can easily convert the files without any difficulty and even remove them once used from the software. But at the same time, the tool does not offer any feature of sharing the document via any source.

Also, you get the option of converting even the more formats leaving the jpg and others. Also, this applies to every device and is very user friendly. It does not have any specifications regarding this and you can easily enjoy its features free without any problem.

10. Bear File Converter

Convert JPG to Word

This is another tool available, online which helps to convert the jpg format files to word documents and even other formats. You can easily drag or drop the files or even upload the file from the various options.

But a very disappointing feature of this is that it involves a lot of ads pop up while using the tool and disturbs a lot in between. Sometimes even the files are not of the same quality as the one uploaded. So we need to be very particular about the same and work following that. This is a very user-friendly tool that helps to convert easily.

Winding Up:

So this list of the top 10 tools to convert jpg to word can be easily understood with the features and the applicability of it and provides the users with easy use and access which is supported in all the systems.

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