10 Reasons Your Business Needs Local SEO Service

# Last Updated On: June 27, 2021 #

Are you wondering why you might need https://themarketingagency.ca/ Local SEO for your business? Well, in the text below, we shall share with you the 10 compelling reasons why you might need local SEO for your business growth.

It Gets You on Search Results Map Above Other Websites

One of the crucial elements of the local SEO is NAP,or rather the basic details of your business that are often presented everywhere on the internet. In most cases, NAP consists of the business name, address, and phone number, though it might contain additional details such asthe location of your business and operating time.

Now, if you have a consistent NAP, your business is likely to show up on the SERPS for certain terms. You’re on the map, and the benefit of this is that you’re basically “everywhere,” and it becomes easy for clients to notice you.

Enhance the Authenticity of your Business

Generally, local SEO helps your business look more authentic. This is because the listings served by Google are increasingly rising in favor, and many users believe the listings are authentic.

Your Competitors Are Already Using Local SEO Services

Consider this; a potential client searches to find more about goods or services in a particular locality, and what they find is a listing from your competitors. Sure, while this might not be the only source of traffic for your business, the lack of local SEO will channel a substantial amount of clients to the competitors.

Brick and Mortar Retailers Depend on Foot Traffic

According to the Google Ads blog, about 90 percent of worldwide sales take place in a physical store. Retailers who operate in multiple channels continue to garner most revenue from brick and mortar stores. This is because the majority of people choose to purchase from brick-and-mortar stores so that they try the product in person.

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Greater Visibility

It’s no brainer; having your website on the online platform is more effective at getting your business out there compared to the signposts. See, local SEO has a broader reach, and this is because the internet is everywhere, and so, folks can always find your business, especially if you’ve PragmaticSEO.com doing the SEO for you.

Allows You to Be Friends with Search Engines

Search engines are getting smarter every day, but they depend on the online information provided. The more you provide relevant information to a particular area, the more friendly they will treat you. Having relevant data for your business, for instance, is likely to sit well with the search engine’s books, and they’re likely to reward you with a higher ranking.

Phonebooks Have Become Obsolete

Today, most people use phonebooks as doorstop, booster seats, or kindling rather than a resource to find the products and services they require. If anything, you can find all the information contained in your phonebook online, and the internet has more details than a phonebook, and it conveniently fits in your pocket.

Clients Trust Online Reviews

After the search engine finds your business to be relevant enough to put on the top of the results page, you require customer reviews to help searchers see the quality of your business. Most people look out what the customers are saying about the business to help decide on the place to make a sale. And according to Inc.com, the majority of people trust online reviews than how they trust recommendations from friends.

Those Who Do Local Searches Are Mostly Ready to Buy

According to Mediapost, the majority of the people who perform near me search results in a store visit. This means that if they find your business in the local search, they will visit your store to buy.

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More so, the Hubspot marketing statistics report shows that more than fifty-one percent of smartphone users discover a new product or company when conduction a smartphone search. This implies that being in the local SEO services gives you a chance to rig the game from your competitors.

Websites Get More Clicks

Having a website, as opposed to having a local listing in the directories, is surely going to get you more visitors. If anything, Google asserts that businesses with a website normally get 25-35% more clicks than those without a website.


Now you understand why your business needs local SEO services. If the whole process seems very complicated, or time-consuming, you can seek the help of local SEO experts. Do not be digitally invisible while you could be spectacular in online business.

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